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Gorgeous location and building. The interior is divine and everything is picture perfect. Was in a wedding that used this location to get ready at and everything was on point from the champagne to the attendent finding safety pins when needed. Excellent event!

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This review is about Vista Valley Country Club as a wedding venue.  My daughter got married there last week and everything was perfect.  Let me begin by describing the venue.  It has recently been  renovated into a romantic French country chateau.  You enter through these huge wooden doors (imported from France) and feel instantly transported to the South of France with beautiful tapestries hanging in the foyer and wrought iron sconces on the walls.    The actual dining area has a gorgeous fireplace (again imported from France) and the room is lined with floor to ceiling windows looking out on the lush golf course with the hills in the background.  Plus, there are two  inviting patios off the dining area, one with a beautiful fire pit and the other with a fireplace.  We had our cocktail hour on one of the patios and it worked out perfectly.  

Now for the wedding ceremony site.  It is in a secluded area off the golf course.  You enter through their huge rustic gates (great for photos) into this enchanting garden with white roses, blue hydrangeas, expansive lawns of lush green grass,  and a picturesque pond and fountains.   Plus, they've created this rustic pergola built with huge wooden beams where the bride and the groom stand.  The whole area is canopied under several beautiful, old live oak trees.  The site was so romantic and beautiful, there was no need to add extra flowers for the ceremony.

So the venue is absolutely stunning-- rustic, but elegant.  Now for the food.  Wedding food is usually just "good" at best.  Here the food was excellent.  So many guests commented on how delicious the food was from appetizers to main course.   They served a choice of top sirloin in a port reduction sauce,  salmon with a pomodoro sauce, and a vegetarian neopolitan.  Each selection looked beautiful on the plate, and tasted delicious.

One last thing, Mark, the manager was wonderful to work with and the wait staff was excellent.  So if you are looking for a wedding venue, I highly recommend this site.  It may be a little out of the way, but it will be so worth it.

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This review is not about golf, is about the resort and activities one can do in this country club. I was simply amazed by this stunning exclusive place. I went last Saturday for a bridal fair (a couple of friends are getting married next year and invited me to tag along). I was not very inclined to go at the beginning, as I thought was the usual old fashioned golf club with similar features as any other club around. I was totally wrong.

The Vista Valley Country Club has been dramatically renovated in the past year or two, according the info spread by the super friendly employees that showed us the facilities, and everything has a classic yet contemporary look. The grandiosity of the views is breathtaking, and the rooms are majestic. I loved the man-cave and the bridal make up room, with chaise lounge and beautiful chandeliers and bride-maids attached room included.

This is a very luxurious and refined place for any wedding or ceremony. I loved the bar area, round, where I enjoyed the lavender vodkas and the superb Californian with Mediterranean accents by super friendly and approachable executive chef Carter Schuffler, who took the time to explain the content, origin and history of every single appetizer we tried. Love everything and I hope I am invited back soon!

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This place is awesome! They are finishing their expansion and it looks fantastic! The food is first class ~ the scallop normandie is my personal favorite :) They have a happy hour on Thursdays, well maintained tennis courts and an incredible golf course. The staff is so very friendly and always make a point to call me by name when walking through the doors. On the kid front, if your kids are well mannered, the restaurant is great. They offer a variety of food options for kids. I can't say enough good things about this place....

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Beautiful country club!!! We enjoyed the dining room and the food was delicious! Then hit balls for a bit before heading out to play 18. What a gorgeous course and everyone we came across was so nice!!! Really enjoyed our time here!!

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