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I lived here for years.  Beautiful, old treed, course.  Some nice elevation.  Excellent club house.  Always very private, exclusive and expensive.  Don't wear your favorite Hawaiian shirt... It's a no no.

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The Virginia Country Club is a private golf course tucked away in an exclusive Bixby Knolls neighborhood that has very big homes. This is a super exclusive golf club and the regulars that play here have a ton of money. Its funny in this neighborhood you can easily forget that you are in long beach.

Its funny on the Virginia Country Club website it requests a username and password just to get into the website. Thats pretty exclusive! It is called a Private Equity Facility golf course so not being a person that has a ton of cash I have no clue what that really means.

This 18 hole regulation length golf course has 18 holes and the course was designed by William P. Bell, ASGCA/(R) Robert Muir Graves, ASGCA/Edward B. Dearie, Jr. and opened in 1909.

All the pictures that I shot were from the Dominguez Gap trail which is located behind the golf course and I also shot a few pictures of the entrance on Virginia Road. Once I got to the guard gate they made me turn around.

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Was treated like a queen being the only woman in the Toyota Symphony tournament... Walked away with a trunk full of prizes that included lessons with Mike Miles. Top notch greens, friendly helpful staff.  I look forward to next year's tournament.

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One word I most definitely wouldn't use to describe the layout is "flat."  On the front, holes 1, 2, 5, 6, and 8 have significant elevation changes.  On the back, 10, 14, 15, 17, and 18 have large elevation changes.  

It's a good, solid, classic course.  Generally, if you hit good shots, you get rewarded, and bad shots get punished.  Well worth the effort if you get the chance to play it.

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Yay.........always stoked to be first to review.......

Once again fellow Yelpers, places like Virginia Country Club prove what?  That life OUTSIDE the ghetto is much better than life INSIDE the ghetto.   Let's be honest.

Virginia Country Club is super exclusive.   Nestled in the Bixby Knolls area of long beach, this place is super super old-skool.  Most of the folks playing golf here have serious net worth, much grander than I.  I was lucky enough to have gotten an invite to play here. Other than that, I probably would have been mistaken for the Mexican caddy shining clubs, trying to live the dream of perhaps some day working up the ranks to eventually be the course superintendent.  But I digress.

The course here is a beautiful course.  The layout is not all that impressive.  Fairly flat, and uneventful, but the layout just screams old skool Long Beach.  The trees that line the fairways are beautiful, majestic, and very old trees.  You can feel the nostalgia of this course.  

There is a lot of "old money" in Long Beach, and a lot of the folks with this money are members here.  The clientele seems to definitely be in over 50 to possibly 60 and over range.   It's some incredibly initiation fee here, like $100K or something like that.  

Anyways, I think one other thing that really stuck out for me was the beauty of the clubhouse.  Absolutely beautiful.   Wealth.  Simple, Tupac says, straight ballin' (and since golf balls are type of ball, this term applies).  

If I ever somehow win the lottery , I will purchase the phattest house I can on this golf course, and join this highly exclusive club.    I will wear funny, plaid Scottish golf attire, and have the boys over for aged whiskey and cigars after a tough round of golf here at the VCC.   Ballin son.......straight ballin.

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