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Went to my children's silent auction held at this place (11-1-14). Paid for dinner and it was the worst food that was ever served to me. The meal that was served at this function was pork, black beans, and rice with sausage. Other parents at a separate table also found small roaches on their table. Will never return here ever again. I think the health inspector needs to check this place out.

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This review is for the golf and food.

The course is fun and short (about 6500 from the blues), but is narrow, and the greens tend to be decent (the greens are poa annua). Their bunkers are quite cake-mix like. There is OB on pretty much every hole as each hole is lined by homes or streets. There are 2 lakes, one on #4 and one on #16, neither of which are in play. The pace of play is good, even on the weekends. The staff is also very courteous. The course is offering great new member benefits and sign ups right now.

As for the food, I highly recommend the snack bar at the turn. Jason is an incredible sandwich and burger maker. I highly recommend his cheeseburger, or if you'd like something more on the lighter side, you can try one of his sandwiches. He does not take card; he is cash only or you can charge your purchase to a member's account. The food upstairs in the lounge is ok, nothing special. If anything, their tuna melt and chicken melts are my favorite. Tip: when asked if you want fries or onion rings, ask for half and half (half fries and half onion rings) -- that way you get the best of both worlds.

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Let me first start off by saying, I used to love this place! I grew up here swimming and playing tennis. Scott Booth is amazing in the tennis shop! Vince is a great guy too! BUT, now that I have a family of my own, I wanted to join us all for tennis memberships. There was a special going on for August which ended on Aug. 31, (Labor Day weekend.) I had inquired about memberships and even went out of my way to go there on Labor Day weekend just to turn in my application to get the deal of half off the initiation fee. I didn't want to miss out (as I told Bonnie whom is in charge of memberships.) Turns out, they call me Tuesday and tell me that the deal wasn't even for tennis memberships only golf. Ok great. I said well, there was a HUGE misunderstanding!!! I even sent the managers all of my email inquiries and everything to see where I was coming from and what they had originally told me! They didn't even want to help me out. The lady who I originally spoke to in memberships wouldn't even try to help out. She said "sorry, there was a misunderstanding but I can't do anything for you." Well, I went to upper management (whom I know can do something, HELLO I worked there before) I've been trying for 2 weeks to get a membership and contact you guys and literally hand you over cash and no one even is helping! WTF it's obvious this club needs members and they don't even wanna give me a little break or apology because THEIR employee screwed up! I'm a business owner, what happened to your customer service? What a joke. We have money and want to spend it there. Basically they are lazy, don't care, no wonder they have such a small amount of members and everyone leaves there to go to South Hills country club! That's where I'll be!!!! Screw this place.

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My family and I really where looking forward to joining  this country club. We are active tennis players and were looking forward to becoming members to use their tennis courts and swimming pool and to enjoy dinner. My fiancé requested information and was provided a special they where running in the month of August the would fit the criteria of membership status we wanted. We went down on Memorial Day weekend like the lady in charge of memberships told us to do and they were not there to assist us.  We left our application and the Lady emailed my fiancé back stating it was now double the price for what we wanted ,she said  she misquoted us in her email and that is was for golf when her email specifically only talks about tennis for us. It's been back and forth for 2 weeks and the issue is still not resolved upper management above the lady in members will not return calls or emails either. We were really looking forward to becoming members here due to the fact it's close to our home. I will tell you I'm in a customer service business and would never treat a potential client this way. As of now we will be looking into another Country Club that values members and potential members more. I can see why a lot of our friends have moved on to different Country Clubs. We are truly disappointed in Via Verde county club.

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Our son and daughter-in law had their wedding reception here on June 16, 2013. I must say that Tom was wonderful to work with along with his event coordinator, Gina. With the many details and requests we had, they bent over backwards to accommodate our needs.

The food was really good (Chicken Piccata) and they even took care of meals for our vegetarian, lactose and gluten intolerant guests. They use Ontario Bakery for their wedding cakes and they too were great to work with and the cake turned out fabulous!

We used the outside patio/grass area for our cocktail hour and the banquet hall for the reception. The only negative was that there is no Wi-Fi there so we weren't able to do an online picture feed that we had hoped to do with iPhone and Android phones.

Thanks Tom, Gina and your staff for a job well done!

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