Vermont National Country Club

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Had lunch here on the patio and it was completely amazing. The lobster roll was amazingly good and the clam chowder was superb. Prices are really reasonable also. Granted, from the bottles of Opus One i observed laid out i am sure it can get really spendy.

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This review is for the brunch and as an event venue (not for golf- a golfer I am not...!) Anyway, the brunch here is AMAZING. Starve yourself for 4 days before coming so you can fit every last morsel in..... no wait, maybe you should train your stomach like those food competition contestants do.... whatever you do, get ready to eat. A lot. Everything my man and I sampled was delicious- giant fresh homemade muffins, incredile unique salads- had some kind of peanut asparagus thing that sounds like it would be bad but was oh so good.... fresh seafood & raw bar, omelettes, you name it. The staff was friendly and attentive.

We were actually checking the venue out as a potential wedding site, and while we didn't end up doing it here (wanted something slightly more rural), it would have been a really good place to have a wedding- classy but not stuffy, and still a sense of being in Vermont even though you're at a golf club. There's a great porch with a view of the greens and trees off in the distance, and it's close enough to Burlington to make it easy for travelers from afar. The inside space is fairly large, and feels like a Vermont country club- again, classy, but not stuffy. The pricing wasn't the most expensive we saw, but also not the cheapest. The manager/planner was really nice. Given the amazing brunch by the club's chef, I'm confident they'd produce a nice wedding meal too...

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