Valley Gardens Golf Course

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With 4 par four and 5 par 3 holes, you'll use most of your clubs. Water is in play on 1 & 6 with green side bunkers on 1, 2, 6, & 7. The greens are fairly flat and pin placements are not very challenging. The white tee's on 2 & 7 are borderline unfair with obstructions and trees blocking any left to right tee shot attempt.  The course conditions vary as the rough can sometimes be very deep. My main beef (besides  the price) is the tee box on most holes as it can be challenging to find a level spot of ground to tee off. If you have 2 hours to kill and want to sharpen your game, it's a pretty good place to play. Forget about the driving range - it's a waste of space. I'd rather have a chipping area,

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I am a resident of Scotts Valley, so let me get that piece of info out here right away. Valley Gardens is convenient for me. Let me say that I really like what they are doing since Bob Chase took over as Head Pro. Bob and his staff are friendly, they remember your name, and I have never been hassled even before I became a "reasonably decent" golfer, with a 19 handicap (Newbies, that means I usually shoot 18 holes in the 80 to 90 stroke range).

The driving range is disappointing, as many reviews have stated, but I don't care- I come to VG for one reason. There is no better place for me to practice my short game. I play all my clubs at VG, but it's my short irons and putter that get the most work.  I'm not an expert by any means, but what I do know is that the short game will make or break your score, no matter where you play.

Yes, for 9 holes this course is expensive compared to many other clubs in Santa Cruz County, but they do offer deals and specials since Bob joined the staff. I will gladly pay $22 on a Saturday so I can take my 12 year old daughter out golfing with me. She's not even close to being ready to play Pajaro, Seascape or DeLa yet. But I get to spend time with her doing a sport we both love.

FYI, A monthly pass special is being offered right now for $100. Replay specials often run only $5. Lately, they have been offering punch cards that give you a free round after playing 10.

If I play during the non-peak hours I can be on and off the course in as little as an hour and 15 minutes. I get my golf fix satisfied, and my family is happy.

Go visit Valley Gardens with your expectations set in advance. It's a nice little course and that 6th hole is VERY challenging with that nasty water hazard, compared to any course you can play in Santa Cruz County!

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$22 for an mediocre executive 9 is a bit too rich for my blood.
course like this by my mom's house is $15.

there are better deals in the area

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$20 for 9 holes?? Use to be around $12!!! Valley Gardens, thats like Casserly in Watsonville charging $20 to play! Learn form them, they only charge a $1 per hole... or at least go back to $12... Valley Gardens isn't worth $20 to play! Thats the truth!!!

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This is an "executive course" which means it's a short 9-hole course. It's pretty flat and is located behind a strip mall, but is close to Highway 17 making access to the course easy. They don't have golf carts available -- it's a walking course only.

It's somewhat expensive for what is offered. In 2014, the rates are $22/weekend, $20 weekdays. It's also cash only, so keep your plastic at home.

They have a large practice putting green but the "driving range" is disappointing: it's a big net with weeds covering the ground.

Scotts Valley gets pretty warm in the summer, so keep that in mind if you are considering going out in the afternoon.

For only a few dollars more, you can play 9 at Boulder Creek -- including a golf cart! -- which is a longer, more scenic course. It's harder to get to, though.

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