University City Village Golf Course

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Paid only $8/person on a Sunday afternoon for 9 holes.

This course plays short - anywhere from 50-125 yards, so only bring your putter and two small wedges.

A nice place to practice your short game, or to have your bachelor party - roll on a few coolers and take your time drinking between each hole and let others behind you pass you up.

Good times no matter how many people you come with - either a twosome or 20 guys like we did.

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Great spot for a quick easy round of golf. Some of the holes are roughed up but it's only a few bucks to play.

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A great neighborhood secret! Don't expect much as the greens are rough and not well maintained but I am a beginner player, just love getting outdoors, never bring a score card and have a wonderful time every time I play here.Never a crowd and everyone most polite on the course, I think a lot of us are beginners! Beautiful, big trees, easy course, wildlife and friendly staff! After three are twilight hours for $8 bucks, a good deal. I keep going back!

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The pros: This course is never busy and is close to my house. It is a 9 hole par 3 with holes that range from 60 - 108.

It cost $10 bucks on weekdays and 12 on weekends.

The greens are bumpy and are tough to hit a straight putt. The course isn't well taken care of with high tuffs of grass and rabbit holes.

Its still fun and I go here from time to time. Don't expect much tho. There is a long walk back to the car afterwards tho 5 blocks

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This place was OK, I'm surprised that anyone would give this one an "as good as it gets." $12 for green fees was a little steep, but based on some of the reviews, this looked like a good place to get a first-timer started. It's actually a great place to get a newb started.

Some pluses, not very crowded, short distances from tee to green.

Some minuses, poorly maintained greens, some dry "turf" (read: dirt), and LONG walk back to the clubhouse.

So, the course ain't too bad. The first tee is an interesting one; over ice plants to a downward green. Not the ideal first shot for a "beginner." Overall, some of the course was just poorly maintained, others were fairly nice. I think the longest hole was 140 yards, the shortest was probably 60 yards. The greens were in pretty bad shape. I recommend you try their small practice green near the first tee to get a feel for the speed of them (S. L. O. W.).

All in all, this was a fun course, but I may try Lomas Santa Fe.

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