Tyngsboro Country Club

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Very nice little course. Played there for the first time today. Staff is friendly (although they checked my cooler and made me take out my beers, which I wasn't crazy about). The carts are very basic... no GPS or digital scoreboard. A busy road splits the course in two, so be careful. The greens are well kept and the holes are challenging enough for the average player. Finally, they have very reasonable rates, especially in twilight hours. I'll be going back for sure. And, this time I'll bring extra cash so I can buy a beer at the clubhouse before and after my round... it's cash only and I don't remember seeing an ATM :(

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This is a little public 9-hole course in Tyngsboro.

It's not bad.  Cute little place.

Clubhouse is ok.  Pay for your golf at the bar.  Maybe have a beer before you head out.  Say hi to the locals who are proud of their little place.

It's a cute course.  Beginner-type place.  Nothing dangerous or fancy here.  The grass looks like you cut it yourself - it's hard to see the difference between rough and fairway.  

I had a nice round here.  It's never very crowded.  I don't know if I'd recommend it - I've been to nicer public 9-hole places  - but I've also been to much, much worse.

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