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I don't play golf nor live in the burbs so I don't have much use for a Country Club in Long Grove. However, I've been to my share of bridal showers here at the Twin Orchard Country Club. And they've definitely got the bridal shower thing down to a science so I can see why so many of my friends have chosen to have their showers here (or their hostesses have chosen to have them here).

The bridal showers always start with appetizers out in the lobby. Like most social events the appetizers here at Twin Orchard Country Club are better than the entrees so eat up if you find yourself here for a shower! At the shower I attended yesterday they had yummy crispy pizza, as well as a delish looking tuna tartare, which I'd be about if it wasn't for the baby in my tummy.

I've had lunch entrees that have ranged from salads (my fave) to grilled chicken and of course you always have to save room for dessert, which is usually cake in the shape of a ring box. YUM! This food is all served in a spacious room, perfect for setting up lots of round tables and a long table of gifts.

My only complaint is that Twin Orchard takes forever to get to from the city (especially when there's lots of traffic), but I'm guessing most of their members live in the area.

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