Twin Lakes Golf Course

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Great place to do a quickish 9 holes and head back into town for food and drinks. Excellent super casual golf course.... We go late when there aren't too many folks there.... The first 4 holes are really right on top of each other(which is tough when your tee shot is as bad as mine is), but a very chill place to have a great time...

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Let me make this clear:  Twin Lakes is not a professional course, it doesn't have a driving range, and it only has 9 holes.  But it deserves at least 4 stars because it's great for weekend players and beginners, and it only costs $15 for 9 holes.

This is my favorite golf course for me and my buddies-- it's not pretentious, the guys behind the desk are great, and you can take your time on the course, which is nestled between a classic NC forest.

I recommend this course if you are not trying to impress anybody with NC golf courses, but instead want a carefree, but still nice, day of golf.

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