Twin Lakes Golf Course

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I just took up golf again after a 15 year hiatus raising my kids.  Much to my delight, my wife asked for clubs last Christmas and took lessons this spring and played in a scramble league.  While we are not good golfers, by any means, our game is improving.  After playing many rounds at Green Meadows and Zigfield Troy (which are great courses for beginners), we stumbled on Twin Lakes.

It is a short course, but what we like is that is has some challenging greens due to their slope and bunkers.  While 6 of the holes are par threes, a few of these play long like number 7 which has a creek through the fairway.  Hole number 4 is challenging as you need to hit it 130-150 yards over a pond (from the white tees).  On Saturday, I hit the water, but on Sunday I greened it.

It's very relaxed.  The other golfers were friendly - either beginners like us or don't play a lot.  We got a bit backed up on Sunday, so a group of three was behind us and didn't mind my awful tee shot on the 8th.  They even helped us find my wife's tee shot on that same hole.

As I understand it, the course is under new management.  We met the manager on Sunday and he was really nice.  He said that they've been working hard to improve the course.  It's in really great shape.  Staff is friendly and the beer cart guy stops his cart as you address the ball.  Then he stays a good distance from you to avoid disrupting your play, but comes right away if you want to buy something.

Twin Lakes is a nice course for the novice golfer or a golfer that wants to get in a low key round of 9 holes in a short period of time.

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short course, can't use your driver.  most holes are 100 - 150 yrds
definitely a starter or practice course, I enjoyed a couple of rounds with my 11 yr. old son who was just starting out.

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My grandparents used to live right across the street from here (on 59th street) and we would always walk their dog along the fence...we got a ton of golf balls!

My cousin and aunt worked here, and until recently, I had never played here, I had been on the putting green though, where earlier in life my grandpa taught me "not to run on the green" (Sorry Len!).

That same cousin, myself, and my brother played last year, and I totally forgot about it. This Par 34 course is actually pretty cool. It is very short, easy to walk, and pretty easy to play. It isn't much to look at, probably a three star course, but an extra star because of the friendly staff and the 1970s clubhouse! (PAC MAN in the club house!)

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as the practicing course for westmont high school, lets just say i've spent a LOT of time here. i took my first swing of a club here, the first day of try outs not knowing anything about golf, and didn't score too shabby... lets just say i can pitching wedge drive over half the course, 3 wood drive the rest of them and god is it covered in goose shit. there are seriously SO MANY GEESE. it was like a rite of passage on the team to hit a goose with your ball. the water holes have a kind of... musty smell, and never, ever use the portapotty.

though it is fun to lay on the 7th super late and night and stargaze... or drink and stargaze.

they also do a night outing a few times a year i think. i went once and it was a blast. all the glowsticks you can handle, and the small course is actually great for this, because you probably won't lose your ball.

upside- it's pretty cheap golf. but if you get a cart for this course, i'm already gonna call you a pussy.

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