Twin Hills Country Club

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You know that there is a HUGE difference between this course and Coventry's other course, Skungamaug. First of all, lets review the prices. At Twin Hills, it is a fairly high price for 18 holes at about 45 dollars. For 9 it is a little over 20 dollars, no matter how old you are. The reason I said that is that at Skungamaug on Sunday afternoons kids can play free if they are playing with a paying adult. So that's 15 dollars for 2 people opposed to about 45 dollars at Twin Hills. Not that Skungamaug is better, but if you want the cheaper option, Skungamaug is the way to go.

Now lets talk about the course. The gravel parking and the makeshift clubhouse might be a turnoff. But I assure you that you won't be disappointed. As you get into your round, you realize that this course is one of the more well maintained and picturesque courses in eastern Connecticut. Nowhere near the difficulty of courses like the TPC or Lyman Orchards, or even Skungamaug. So I would recommend this course to people fairly new to the game. I think the best hole on the course is hole number 3. It is the longest hole on the course 560 yards from the tips. There is a pond guarding the green, so get enough distance on your approach shot. Also, to get to the green, you go across their signature stone bridge. Truly unique.

So, if you don't like the big fees, go to Skungamaug, If you like beautiful conditions and a good playing environment,  Twin Hills is defiantly the right place for you.

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Surprised I'm the first to review Twin Hills. It's a quite popular golf course east of the river in Coventry, CT.

This 18-hole extravaganza is perfect for a golfer like me. I typically shoot 95, and this place presents a challenge without being terribly overwhelming. A few strategically placed trees, a few dog legs, a few ponds, but nothing that makes you go "Oh come on, that's just not fair..."

(Stanley, are you listening?)

Anyway, I really like this place. Prices are reasonable, and I rarely find myself waiting between holes. Check it out if every other course has worn you out.

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