Twin Creeks Golf Course

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I came back to update my review. Very nice driving range. Decent value, small bucket for five bucks. Pretty standard. You can hit off the grass or the mats. There's a wrecked pickup truck that's right between a gap wedge and a pitching wedge from the grass driving area. Not sure how they're keeping it so green. Nice place. Will be back and recommend you check it out.

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Closed to the public Monday through Friday during summer? I understand the cause, but this is bullshit! Its a public course and should be open to the public!! Thanks a lot for nothing!!

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We come here all the time for years now. Short but fun course. Great staff! Fair prices. Course is in very good shape. Especially after playing courses in the Monterey county that aren't even as good of condition. Greens are in great shape. After playing a few courses that were a little expensive and having had bad greens it ruins a round, not twin creeks. They should give other courses on how to keep up there greens! The updated driving range with greens to hot to and bunkers on the range is great!!! Especially when they put the pickup truck on the range for kids to hit at is always fun. Trying to hit it or land the ball in the bed. Great job guys!

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Is this Pebble Beach?  No.  Is it Quail Lodge?  No.  
It is a well kept up, fun,  small 9 hole course requesting a ridiculously low price for a round of golf.  So, I'll happily give it 5 stars for exactly what it is.  
I'll also enthusiastically give 5 stars for what they do for the youth of Salinas.

I remember when Salinas shut down the old course to build a parking lot for the Salinas Sports Complex thinking what a dumb mistake that was.  I suppose, out of that mistake came this little course.  I remember it opening and came once or twice.  In the last couple years maybe once.  But, I recall always leaving feeling like it was a pretty fun time.  

It is a surprisingly tricky little course, they did a good job of utilizing the space they were given.  There are a few long par 4 hole, but more fun are some of the extremely short par 3s.  They did an excellent job of diversifying the green size, utilizing elevation, and natural environment to make it more fun and challenging.  

To add to the experience, they do a lot for the youth in Salinas.  Salinas notoriously has very little to offer the youth,  so any organization that tries to encourage kids to be active, healthy, and at the same time teaches values, I'm a fan of.  I personally love seeing kids out here playing, the coaches/instructors are extremely friendly and patient with them, and the kids are learning multiple skills congruently.  Kudos for the First Tee program.  

Lastly, did I mention ridiculously low priced?  $10 during the week, $15 on the weekend.  Come on, you can't get golf cheaper.

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Very inconsistent Golf course, but I will give it 5 stars because of what they do for the kids.

They have the first tee program which helps the youth stay out of trouble, not sure about the sign up fee but they do let them play for $1.00 and they often hold clinics for them. I also wish I had the time to volunteer as I been asked a few times, hopefully one day I will find the time.

It's a 9 hole course only four par 4's and five par 3's, their practice range its pretty decent but often taken up by the kids. Nothing special, I often play here when I don't have the time for a full outing at my regular courses. For $10 bucks you play unlimited golf and for another $10 you get a cart. I often prefer to walk, it could use some up-keeping but for the $10 bucks you shouldn't expect much.

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