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Otto (Club/Operations Manager) and Eva (Event Coordinator) did a great job overseeing the logistics of our wedding. We booked our wedding at Twin Brooks 13 months out and we are so very happy with our decision. Otto and Eva were very responsive and made me feel very comfortable with all their support the day of. I am a VERY organized person and very meticulous about how and where things go. I had a lot of 'Do it Yourself' items and Eva took care of everything exactly. Thank you both very much for all your help and for making our wedding day perfect. The food and drinks were just great. As a bride with a pretty hectic day, I ate every piece of my main course since the salmon was cooked just right (one of the waiters even commented that they've never seen that since the bride and groom are always so busy). Thanks again!

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Attention Brides!! Think very carefully before committing to a wedding or any other event at Twin Brooks Country Club. While it is a nice facility, the events manager there, Chris Warren, is a classless man with an erratic personality. The following is a list of things that illustrate him to be uncensored and unreliable when it comes to one of the most unforgettable days of your life.

If you remember nothing else from this post, know that he made my maid of honor cry on our wedding day. And, she is not some softy, she works as a manager at a hotel, dealing with cranky rude customers all the time. Ok so here it is...

* We negotiated a specific price per plate that we had confirmed in writing. A week before the wedding my husband goes to pay for it, and Chris hands him the bill with a price that was a couple thousand dollars over what he originally quoted. When my husband respectfully questioned him concerning the quote, stating what we had in writing, Chris reared his ugly personality. He stormed away, came back with a new contract, and threw it in his face.  Talk about ERATIC and UNCALLED for!
* It's 10am on our wedding day. The bridesmaids and me are all at the salon loving life. Chris calls my maid of honor and says that we have to redo our seating chart. REALLY?! Three days ago I went through everything with him, and heard "yes, yes, yes". And now the morning of my wedding you are fighting with my maid of honor, arguing that we need to re-seat people at different tables....CLASSLESS!
* The wedding party has just finished taking a TON of pictures, lots of fun but leaving us all feeling very hungry and thirsty. We come in from the outside and head to the room that Chris told us our private cocktail hour would be set up. NOTHING WAS SET UP. No food, no drinks, nothing! UNRELIABLE!
* And here is the grand finale of stupidity! My husband gives Chris his tip. Chris, like a sleezeball, finds my maid of honor (who has ABSOLUTELY nothing to do with his tip!) and says "what the hell is this about?" and goes on to complain about his tip!!! My maid of honor was so shook up she cried. She did so in private without my knowing, and held it together until the next morning when it all came out. The kicker?? My husband goes to twin brooks to discuss this matter,  and Chris does not apologize for his actions. That man is REPULSIVE!

There are so many venues out there, do yourself a favor, save yourself from the stupidity and hold your wedding elsewhere.

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