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This is my favorite course to play on, the prices are reasonable, the staff is friendly and the course is absolutely beautiful. The fairways are well kept and the greens are perfect. The holes offer a bit of a challenge and the rough is very high.  My only complaint is you will lose a Ton of balls just from rolling off the Fairway due to the rough height. Other than that I have no complaints.  This is an "alcohol free" course but I've seen plenty bring some on. The carts are your basic carts and there is a driving range next door. I love turtle Creek and it is ranked as the 4th best public course in philly!

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Played today and it took forever...5:10 to get through the round I felt like I was stuck in rush hour on the Schuylkill!  

I generally like the course even though there are other places to play that are in better shape and more interesting (Bella Vista & Ravens Claw).  In my opinion, if you are charging top dollar ($67) for a round, you should probably manage your course better and keep speed of play.  Oh well, it happens.

The thing that really irritated me (and lead to this review) is that when I told the guy at the counter that we just finished the round and it was really slow at 5:10 he reacted by telling me I was mistaken.  I explained again (tee time 10:08, had to wait, teed off at 10:25, finished at 3:20).  He again told me that I was wrong.  OK man, how about something like "I'm sorry it got slow out there, thanks for letting us know, I'll talk to the rangers".

Would be 3-4 stars if course was managed better.  Not sure I'll go back.

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I have played TC for a few years and it is one of my favorite courses. What some people need to understand is that is NOT a links style course...it is a MODIFIED links style course. There's a difference.
The course is in fantastic condition. And for the amount of play it gets they do a  great job of keeping it in good condition.
The tee boxes are lush as is the fairways. The rough is challenging since there are not many trees on the course. But even the rough is in great shape. No weeds.

The people there seem very nice. What amazes me is that during the season you will find a starter and at least one ranger on the course at all times. I was there once at 8:30 pm and there was still a ranger riding around. Can't say I see that on other courses.
JM and BRIAN K have summed it up very well so I won't really repeat.

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I've been checking my local stomping ground's here on Yelp and I'm not always liking what I'm seeing, but a lot of the yelpers here got it right.  

Turtle Creek is a very unique course for the area.  It was originally intended to be a Country Club and because of that, they have some very nice bermuda grass.  The fairways are well cut and tight, just like the greens.  

The course isn't the most ascetically beautiful but the conditions are right for an experienced golfer.  

Some of the NEGS are that it is pretty expensive during prime hours.  It's usually crowded.  Watch out after school during the fall, I think PJPHS practices there.  If not them it's someone else.  Any experienced golfer knows you don't want to get behind those kids, especially when they're playing for spots.

The carts are gas and loud.  They have a ranger and they do drive around., No rangers is an ongoing problem with these local courses but TC does a good job of having someone out there.   They don't however do a very good job of keeping solid pace.  What's the point right?

Twilight rates are reasonable.  

My favorite hole is the par 4,10th, drive over the trees and there's a usually wet green that you can stick in one.

Oh Yeah, the driving range is next door, don't hit off the mats, behind the batting cages is a grass range.

I haven't seen the woman Damon N. was talking about in years but I know exactly who he is talking about.  I always go Tuesday afternoons and I don't think she works those hours, thank god.  I wonder how she keeps her job with some of the stunts she pulls.  I'm laughing in my brain just thinking about Damon's plight, I've seen it so many times....I wouldn't not go there because of her, I'd just yelp like Damon

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Ok, it's not Gulph Mills or Aronimink, but 2.5 stars for Turtle Creek? Way too low! It's my favorite place to play in the Philly area. I don't know another place between there and Philly that offers the same level of upkeep, at a price w/cart under $50 on weekdays / $65 on weekends, and a reasonable level of difficulty for the casual golfer, without being a flat, dry, boring course.

The condition is always pretty good. Immaculate long rough, unique grass fairways that are a little different from others in the area, and groomed tee boxes. A ball mark or two on some greens? A divot on a tee box? Sure, but never the bombed out disasters you see at other courses in the price range as you approach Philadelphia.

The design/level of difficulty combination is what's really unique for me. My handicap is just over 20. That means I don't need PGA level challenge when I play. Too often, this limits me to flat tracks, with parallel holes, and the same looks, over and over again. TC is no slouch for anyone, but gives even a semi-beginner a respectable shot of breaking 100. You don't see that on a course with that much variance in length, multiple water holes, and a few blind shots. I guess it's different in that while there are some big risk/reward plays (10, 13, 18) there usually a safe bail out as well.

As a one-time country boy who moved to Philly, I understand that folks from 20 minutes west of the Turtle think it's pricey. Golf gets way cheaper once you hit Berks County. For those of us in Philly that are looking at a minimum of $50 weekday rates no matter what, Turtle Creek is a real stand out.

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