Turnberry Isle Resort & Country Club

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ELEGANT AND SOPHISTICATED.  This spa knows how to make you feel as if you were born in a plush robe with cucumber slices on your eyelids.  Everything is easy, pretty, and relaxing.

The service at the spa is absolutely stellar.  From the time you check in, you're taken wonderful care of without being hovered over.  You're shown to your locker and given a robe and slippers.  Everything you could wish for is provided: tea or water, magazines, a massage chair, the steam room, snacks.  You can go outside on a balcony or sit in a private ladies lounge area or a shared one.

I had a "Living Social" deal for a 50-minute massage and 25-minute mini-facial with free valet parking.  I arrived with enough time to get my bearings and use the steam room first.  The massage was wonderful and the facial was nice, too.  

Use of the "Cascata Pool" is included with a spa treatment, so plan for plenty of time to enjoy the gorgeous grounds and exceptional service.  This spa has an excellent reputation for a reason.

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totally worth every penny
great service
great value
facilities are top notch

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This place is fantastic! I went here to get a mani / pedi (which I have to agree with the other reviews that it is expensive) but what a great experience! It was the most relaxing mani / pedi I've had in a long time. The two manicurists were extremely nice and professional. They made me feel like a princess with their attentiveness and exceptional service. If you are willing to spend the money, I would HIGHLY recommend this spa!

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Ten little glistening blackberries. That is what my toe nails remind me of now. I had a gift certificate for Willow Stream Spa sitting on my desk mocking me for this past year. So finally I got fed up with it cluttering up the Feng Shui and made an appointment for a lunchtime 45 min Pedicure as gifted to me.

Shoulda taken the afternoon off. Oh the glory of being pampered vs the reality of having to go back to work.

Serenity greets you at the door here. The trickle of the indoor water feature in the reception area and the scent of burning candles give you a wonderful hint of what is to come.

Whisked upstairs to the lounge area you can relax for a few moments with some fresh fruit, nuts and juices and a very refreshing raspberry iced tea.

Then you are greeted by your personal angel who takes you to a very nice maincure/pedicure room where a bubbly warm bath is awaiting your tired tootsies who haven't seen a pedicure (other than your own homegrown variety such as I normally do) in a year.

45 minutes of preening, primping, trimming, sloughing with salt, massaging with creams, back rubbing with a great massage chair, hot neck pillow...water? tea?.

Great conversation with Nadege, a very beautiful French lady and her co-worker Leah who did my friend's manicure. It felt like a girly night in with friends. Giggling, swapping beach stories. But I've been here before and was totally stressed and have had a no conversation pedicure so it goes to show they can judge your mood and accommodate accordingly.

So I learned today they have a once a month girls night where they do a foot scrub, back rub, scalp massage, glass of wine and nibbles thing from 7 - 9p.m. for about $65 a head.....course...I was so Jelloed by the end of my hour I forgot to enquire at reception.

Yep its pr icy, but its not an in and out in a half hour job. Its a treat :) And I'm really happy my company thought enough of me to treat me to this.

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This place is, without a doubt, pricey.  But, it's incredibly relaxing.  The rooms are polished and everything about the place encourages you to leave your worries behind.  Their changing rooms have roomy lockers and there's a steam bath which is nice.  But it's a glass door, which isn't so great.  There's lounge space everywhere and there's a cafe and gym on the other floors.  I had a massage here and it was great.  The people are professional (and everywhere, it seems)  and you don't feel at all rushed.

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