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Today was my first time at Turnberry Isle, which is actually adjacent from Aventura mall. I visited the spa today for a couples massage and had an overall great experience. The spa is located near the main entrance of the resort. The first floor is the check-in/reception area and the second floor is where the lockers and treatment rooms are. The women's locker room was clean, quiet and had a little quaint charm to it. The showers and amenities were very clean. They have blow driers and hair irons if needed, but I'm a germ freak so I wouldn't use them- although they looked in decent condition. We arrived 2 hours prior to our appointment and were able to enjoy the spa pool. Please make sure you make it to the cascada pool instead of the Laguna pool. The laguna pool is full of families, squealing tweens and grumpy elders reserving 10 pool chairs at a time. The spa pool, on the other hand, is the complete opposite. My only complaint is that the staff seemed quite lost when asking for directions around the resort.  The massage itself was amazing and our couples massage experience was wonderful. I am someone who gets massages regularly and I can say that my masseuse was really great. The massage room was nice and had a very relaxing vibe. I literally melted away on that table. I was skeptical to come to this spa because of the mixed reviews but I'd definitely recommend this place to anyone in Miami- or anywhere else for that matter- who wants to get away for a little and not go to far from home.

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I stayed here when the hotel first opened. Upon first glance it looks pretty nice but it's like those good looking serial killers who are gorgeous but then when you see what's inside... run like hell!

I knew we were off to a bad start when, after we checked in, we decided to go to dinner and they brought us up a car that wasn't ours. I'd driven my own black MR2 Spyder and this was some older rental (also black) and the manager even came out insisting this is our car - arguing with me THIS IS OUR CAR and it has OUR tag on it and please take it!  Finally after an hour of some hot headed manager they got our car (I feel for the poor saps whose car they almost gave us?) lol. What if we'd just driven it away?? I almost felt like it with the way the tall intimidating manager was acting toward us.

Also the next morning we were awoken to what we thought might be the apocalypse, but was just in fact ginormous bulldozers dumping rocks bigger than my whole house onto the golf course to make little facade of fake nature... (eye roll)  We asked if we could switch rooms where it might be quieter. We were told a flat NO (by the same guy who insisted someone else's car was ours) I thought  he might offer us 1% ownership after what we'd be through but nooo, nothing at all.

The people who worked there were alright and the property was nice but rooms not very clean (as I'd seen others say- and the place was pretty new then!) They were spacious but with hammering (Oh yes loud hammering at the pool) it really didn't matter. It's like, hey, you could be in at a nice pool with a Pina Colada but if it's louder than Kuwait, maybe you ought to move hotels.

Oh AND it's not on the beach and a real pain to get to the beach. I'd recommend another hotel instead But not the Westin Diplomat as that might tie in worst ever experiences. Most of my other reviews are four or five stars as you'll see of hotels. Not these two. Again, remember, not on beach, serial killer theory- good looking on the outside but not good inside. Never will we go there again. I cannot even believe it's still in business.

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So luxurious!! Loved my stay here!!
The view of the golf course from the room balcony was very nice to wake up to every morning! :) The pools are great for relaxation, the adult only pool is perfect for an afternoon relaxation session as the bar is near by and the main pool is where the fun is!! It's a bit more crowded but there are attendants there to help you find beach chairs and take your drink order. There is also a lazy river and hot tub area! And if that wasn't enough, there is a complimentary shuttle to the private beach club. The ride is about 15 mins and the Beach is so lovely!! There are also attendants there to help set up the beach chairs and take drink and food orders. The spa has a steam room and sauna, which I loved!! There was also a full gym and classes.
Perfect vacation for couples or families!

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Went yesterday to experience my Mother's Day gift which was a body butter massage including foot and scalp, champagne, and all day access to the cascada pool. Let me start by saying AMAZING. The hotel itself is very grand and goes on and on, there's lots to see because it's so big! The staff is very friendly and helpful. Extremely clean which is a big thing for me and yes a little over priced for everything. Valet is $17, overnight $32. But nice things come with a nice price.

Anyways, as I arrived at the spa, 20 mins past my appointment time. Ana, the lady at the front desk asked if I wanted to change my appt since I would only get 40 mins of my 60 min massage (I arrived late, my fault) in order to enjoy the full time.  I said sure and went about my day to enjoy the pool and have some cocktails until it was time to go to the spa.

3:00 came and it was the best hour I had in a long time. The therapist was fantastic. The room was serene and exactly what you need to disconnect from the real world. Sheets smell great, warm blanket gives the right touch and the lotion is also warm which is a plus. The therapist was very professional and massaged every inch of my body from my ear lobes to in between my toes. Needless to say I did not want to leave. I then went on to enjoy the sauna and relax in the lounge until it was time to get back to real life which that day consisted of going BACK to the pool and enjoying MORE cocktails :)

Ladies, there are blow dryers, curling irons, and flat irons for your hair. I loved that!!! Showers are extremely clean and you have enough privacy. Overall, this experience was one to remember. I highly recommend this spa to anyone, male or female. I'm looking to get a membership and enjoy this piece of heaven more often.

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Beyond pleased with my experience at the spa.

First things first, I noticed the "check tire pressure" light come on when I was blocks away from the spa. The air level in one of my tires was quickly going down from 36...24, 23, 22...right as I pulled up to the valet area. Steve cheerfully welcomed me to Turnberry and I told him what was going on. I wasn't panicking because I knew I was safe now that I was there, but I was worried about how this would ruin my plans at the spa. (Note: I drove all the way from Broward for this). Not to worry! Steve came to the rescue. He first offered to put some air in the tire. Really? He can do that? WOW! Great! Then, he noticed there was a large blade stuck into my tire. Hmmm not as easy as we thought. To make a long story short, I had a service company come out to Turnberry to fix the tire. Steve took care of EVERYTHING and encouraged me to continue with my day and not worry about a thing. I went to the spa and he received the company that would fix my tire and made sure everything was done correctly. Now THAT is customer service.

Turnberry also happens to be where Bourbon Steak is located. If you follow my reviews, you KNOW I am a huge fan: not only because of their exceptional food, but also because of their magnificent service. I guess it runs in the family.

Check-in was seamless and the gals at the front desk were very pleasant. Someone escorted us to the locker-room, gave us champagne and invited us to lounge until we were called in for our services. My friend and I purchased a (Mother's Day gift) voucher via Travel Zoo for a bath, scrub and massage. If it's still being offered...GET IT!

The locker-room area is spacious and includes a lavatory area with plenty of counter space. Ladies, besides a blowdryer, they also have flat and curling irons! That's not very common. You can choose to lounge inside the locker-room, or on the main lounge. The main lounge has snacks, water, fruits, etc. Although decor is a bit too traditional for my taste, everything was extremely clean and in pristine condition.

I loved all of my services (bath, scrub and massage) and my therapist was very professional. I first soaked in the bathtub for about 20 minutes. I don't know what was in that water but it smelled delightful! I wish the bath area was also a "quiet zone" like the treatment rooms though. There was someone giving a tour outside and it interrupted my bliss a bit. The bath was followed by a sugar scrub and finally, a shea butter massage. Despite my repeated attempts to not doze off, I am sure I did at least eight times. Ooooops. Laying there for a couple of hours was heaven. My therapist applied just the right amount of pressure and was not the chatty type (which I LOVE!). The lights in the room were mostly dimmed (which I also love!). This allowed me to truly disconnect from it all. The shea butter (especially when applied after that scrub) left my skin baby soft. What an extraordinary product! Immediately following our services, we had a spa lunch we had ordered. We both had the Floridian salad and it was delicious! Of course, I did not want to leave, but I had to. Oh well...

Changed, checked out, and headed back down to get my car. I thanked Steve a million times for taking care of my car and not allowing my day to be ruined. I mean, really, had he not gone out of his way for me, I would not be able to now sit here and talk about my great spa experience. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!

I plan on returning. Next time though, I will stay longer, use their pool (also included in the spa day package), and end my day with dinner at Bourbon Steak. Sounds fabulous to me!

Can't wait.

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