Tumbledown Trails Golf Course

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Not a bad little golf course location on the west side of Madison (Middleton).  The price is better than other Madison area courses, so if you want to hit a round but not go too far, this is affordable.  

It's an easy course to walk, especially the back 9.  The front has a tough climb from hole #7 to #8, but other than that, there's no reason to have a gas cart (unless you prefer it).

Call ahead to make sure there aren't any special outings.  I've showed up on a weekday morning to hit a quick nine and have been turned away for an outing I wasn't aware of.

I use the course for my "rebound" rounds.  If I'm not hitting well, Tumbledown is good for my ego.  Most holes you can play your slice from another fairway.  If you're hitting well, you'll be very pleased with your scores.

In summary, while it's not the greatest course, it's an easy and affordable round.  

If you want highbrow golf with a strict dress code and PGA rules, go somewhere else.  Tumbledown is a nice place for a relaxing round or a group outing.

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Went to Tumbledown Trails with 3 other guys for an evening round of 9.  My friends had played there quite a bit, mostly in leagues, because it's inexpensive and wide open so chances of losing balls is minimal. As a novice, this course was just up my alley.
Pros:  Inexpensive, easy to get to, well maintained, good variety of long holes and short par 3's.
Cons:  Despite being lush and green, the ground was hard as a rock, and the ball kept rolling.  My friend went to tee off and broke his tee putting it in the ground.  Sand traps are just as hard.  You may as well not even try hitting it out.  
The guy manning the till was not very friendly.  When we showed up they were out of carts right then!  He wasn't even apologetic and had kind of a "So what?" attitude about.  However, during our round we asked the beverage cart girls to bring us out carts and they happily obliged.  Gave us a couple bucks off at the end of the round.

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OK golf course, reasonably priced. The one thing I will say is that the golf carts are electric and totally under powered... Don't plan on a quick game of golf if your riding! But it has been around for quite a while and is still a fun course to play. Not very busy all the time which is great so your not waiting very long for people if at all.

3 stars for an average golf course and well kept.

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