Tualatin Island Greens

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Grass that's all I need to say

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If you're looking for the Pebble Beach of mini golf, you've found it.

For some reason, many of my nights out end up in a mini golf course of some sort. The lame thing is that you'd think after all that practice I'd be good, but I'm terrible. I just keep going back for more though. Kind of sounds like an abusive relationship....anyways!

The 18 hole course here is pretty fancy. There are creeks, carpeted areas simulating sand, bridges, little birds that taunt your swings, lovely shade from the trees. It's quite relaxing.

I definitely got my ball stuck in the creek a couple of times. Sidenote: go for the really bright ball if you're no good. It helps when you stick your hand in that bush to retreive your ball and you hope that thing that just moved doesn't bite you.

Everyone there seemed to be having a blast golf pro or not. Can't wait to go back!

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This miniature golf course is great. From their website: "This stunning course offers 18 world famous golf holes reduced in size, including water hazards, sand bunkers, and undulating surfaces." The name of each course is the location of the actual golf course - super neat.

The best part of this course is the fact that the holes are very challenging. Some miniature golf places just give every hole a standard par 3, but here, each holes seems like it was evaluated individually, and some even went up to par 5!

$5 a person. The course was well maintained.

My only gripes are the fact that they didn't have any pedestals at the beginning of each hole for writing your score down on the card and the rules on the card were a little bit vague. Usually there is a maximum number of putts specified, but my boyfriend and I just decided on 8. Additionally, they didn't get into things like strike penalty if you got out of bounds - if you're not familiar with miniature golf rules, their list wasn't too helpful.  

If you're looking for cheesy miniature golf with crazy obstacles and moving parts, you're not going to find it here. It is classy and legitimately -miniature golf-.

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This place was really great. Went here with a Groupon for the mini golf for something to do on a weekend I had my 8 year old nephew. We had a blast!! The mini golf course was a good one. I thought I would miss the crazy clown mouth and windmills but I actually liked the more nature-like course better. The sound of the freeway snapped you back to reality.

I liked it because you didn't feel like you were rushed through. I didn't like that, because I'm not on a PGA tour (why isn't there a PGA tour for just mini golf?!?) my ball did end up in the water quite a bit. On the back 9 holes some of the standing water was pretty rank. Moral: become a better mini golfer. Other than that, this place was great and I recommend it. I'd even go again at full price someday. An enjoyable way to be outdoors.

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Mini golf was super busy but still fun. Nice course and a good way to spend some time for $5.

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