Trump National Golf Course

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This course is nothing special. The design is ordinary with many other local private courses having a better layout. If you keep the ball somewhere around the fairway, you can torch this course. Just avoid the tail grass. The greens are flat and every putt is generally straight. They have to roll the greens fast to give the impression the course is tough.

The caddie was a nice guy, did not clean our clubs, gave inaccurate distances, and was not very good at tracking our balls.

Bottom line: save your money and find another private course that is more interesting, challenging and offers top notch services.

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ughhhhh !!!

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Wow this place is fancy. I must say I am not a member. I recently attended a breakfast sales workshop for my company here. It started at 9am....which means I had to get up at this goes to show its a very nice place. (well actuallly I made it by 9:30....A for Effort)

You know that tan Jaguar, tennis braclet, grandma with perfect hair? This is "the club" that she is always referring to. Food was amazing, grounds were amazing even the bathrooms were amazing. I hope to one day be a tan jaguar grandma myself, this is def where I will hang out!

Side note this would be a great place for a wedding.

-1 Star for the redic water bottles.

I attended an event...did not play golf....this is a counrty club.

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