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Ok, I have a opinion about Donald Trump and it's simple as this review. No matter what your opinion is of Mr. Trump he will not disappoint with this venue. The view, the coarse and the banquet area is Amazing! The staff goes way far and above to empress you!. I attended a wedding and it was amazing being held over the waterfall deck overseeing the Potomac River. We were transported to the patio for light finger foods that didn't make it pass the entrance to the patio. The guess overwhelmed the staff and then grabbed drinks overlooking the coarse. We then were moved inside to the main area for the reception and the view overlooking the patio, waterfall onto the Potomac River is one of a kind.

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Played the River course here today. Beautiful course that was in fantastic shape. Saw a few holes of the Championship course near the clubhouse and infamous Trump waterfall and they looked nice too. I know people love to hate the Donald, but I'm a capitalist Republican and if the guy wants to buy struggling courses and turn out gems --- you won't find any criticism here.  The closest I'll come is saying the requirement to have a forecaddy for all members before 1pm on the Championship course and for all guests is a little much. Our forecaddy was helpful spotting balls and gave us guidance on a few holes where our green was not obvious in the distance, but completely unnecessary.

As for the course itself it was pretty short from the blue tees. Probably would recommend backing up to the black tees for a 10-15 handicap. As you have probably heard Trump whacked all the trees along the river from the old Lowes Island days. This not only gives you a very scenic view of the Potomac, but it lets the wind rip off the river. The wind made some simple holes play quite a bit tougher than then yardage alone.

The tees, fairways, rough and traps were perfect. If you've read some of my other course reviews you know I'm a stickler for good traps with sufficient sand. They were perfect here including having a little firmer sand in several of the long fairway waste bunkers. The greens were brisk and had a fair amount of break, but nothing too crazy.  We did find far too many big unrepaired ballmarks and spike marks for a country club. Can't explain that one and it's obviously not the groundscrew's fault. I also found it a nice touch that the inside of the cup was spray painted white and there did not appear to be any special event/tournament.

Can't wait to go back and try out the Championship course. Hats off to the Donald!

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Beautiful Place.  However customer service lacks!  Reserved this place for my 40th Birthday in Jan back in October.  I never heard a follow up call and when I called to follow up they gave the room I reserved to someone else,  at the time I reserved they said I didn't need a down payment till the date was closer and they would follow up.  Heard nothing!  They said they would work with me butt I never heard of any follow up.  So I too my business to the 1757 Golf Club which I got a better deal and more importantly awesome service!

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My parents have been members of this club (used to be Lowes Island) for years now and I have gone to many events and had our wedding reception here.  Trump has done some good things but I honestly loved the club more when it was Lowes.  I think some of the things that have been done are excellent (i.e. the course is gorgeous and in great shape and some of the construction done and rennovations were for the best), but there are some downfalls because of Trump.  I think I would prefer to give the club a 3.5 but I am closer to a 4 than a 3.5.  I would recommend being a member but I just feel like Lowes had a better feel to it in many ways.

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As copied and pasted from my review for Lowes Island...I'm not really sure what the official name is right now.

Does Donald Trump have SO much money that he bought THIS place? Like...he couldn't have chosen a better place to stamp his name all over? Come on. This place is in Sterling, VA. They call it "Potomac Falls" though, I'm sure just so they don't need to deal with the stigma of people turning up their noses when finding out it's in close proximity to the scummy areas of Northern VA.

I came here to check out the main building as a possible venue for my wedding, which is going to be in 2012. My mom dragged me here. I was instantly turned off when she told me that it was in "Potomac Falls". I went anyway, and the place looked pretty nice driving in. The front entrance of the place looked like a typical resort club. We walk in, and my eyes are drawn to a gorgeous chandelier.

The event planner comes out and greets us and takes us upstairs to the "ballroom", though I'd really classify it as more of a plural, since there was a smaller room and a bigger room. The planner showed us where the bride and groom's table typically sits in the divider between the two rooms...except, you couldn't see them from the other room and they can't see into it! SO AWKWARD! That was my turn-off. As soon as I saw the layout of the room, I was done. I don't want my wedding reception to take place in two rooms where I can't see half of my guests.

Not to mention the nasty construction that was going on in the back. They are going to be expanding the ballroom and the place is under construction. So the pretty view the place used to have is now cluttered with red dirt and neon orange construction crap everywhere. The event coordinator didn't even know when the construction would be finishing. You mean to tell me that I wasted two hours of my life coming here to be told "we're not sure if the room you want to have your reception in will still be under construction". RUDE.

Oh, and she was also unsure about lots of other things having to do with the venue. But she was so quick to tell me what to do with my wedding, as far as invitations and stuff. Uhhh..okay.

So yeah. If anyone is looking at this place as a wedding venue between now and 2012...look elsewhere. It's under construction and they don't know when it will be finished. I'm sure the golf course is nice, though.

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