Trump National Golf Club

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Beautiful lakefront club.  Great golf course and activities for children. Service is better now that it is Trump owned, while still maintaining a casual lake vibe.

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Played a round of golf as a guest of a member. Nicest course I have played on. Everything is spotless. The course is in incredible condition. I see how the pros score so easy now if this is what it's like to play on a course this nice. I was here before  Mr. Trump bought the place and you can see the investment that has been put in.

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Formerly known as "The Point", this lake and golf club has transformed into an overly luxurious establishment. Gone is the grey color that graced the outside of the buildings, as well as anything that previously emitted a nautical theme. In its place are white splattered buildings, framed vintage golf photos, and leather EVERYTHING. Leather seats, leather (table) place-mats, leather MENUS (with gold-plated Trump emblems) -- it's nuts!

In the previously deemed "Tavern" (now "Tavern-on-the-Square"), my family decided to enjoy an intimate Saturday night meal. The food was very tasty -- my dish was enough for 2 meals! Four HUGE crab cakes, sweet potato fries, marinated button mushrooms, and a side salad. I was a happy gal.

I really wanted a beer, but unfortunately they were having problems with tapping the keg of a local NC IPA (name slips my mind). Unfortunately, my beer took fifteen minutes to return to me, but my waitress eventually brought me half a glass of the IPA (the keg was finally able to sputter some up), as well as full glass of Blue Moon -- which she graciously put on the house due to my wait.

Service was great, but a little over the top. Our waitress and servers seemed overly nervous about making sure everything was all right and that our glasses were never empty (which was nice). However, I was sad to see that the original, friendly staff that had worked there (before the buy-out) were replaced.

Trump National Golf Club of Charlotte's features include: an expansive golf course, aquatics complex (swimming pools, water slide, cabana bar), tennis courts, restaurant, bakery, general store, gym, lakefront ballroom, meeting house, and more. Overall it's a lovely, breathtaking area, but keep in mind it is a private club -- members only.

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