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I really enjoy this course, it's got a number of relatively tough holes, and some somewhat narrow fairways which make for a good challenge.  Then some other holes which are a bit easier and more forgiving.  
The grounds are pretty well maintained, especially for a public course.  I really enjoy playing here.

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Great little course. Greens are well maintained. The views are gorgeous. The holes are challenging, yet not intimidating. And, the staff is friendly and eager to help. I only wish they had more specials. At $27 for 9 holes on a weekend day (plus $18 if you want a cart), it's one the pricier courses in the area. That makes it difficult to go back as often as I'd like. Other than that, no complaints.

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A perfect example of a wonderful little golf course rarely visited by Boston area golfers.

Lots of elevation changes and beautiful scenery make for a solid course.

There are a few soggy areas, it can be a little bit slow, and there's a handful of holes I would change, but overall it's a great place to check out and a good deal in the evenings or early morning. For everyone stuck in cape traffic on the weekends, it's important to look north for new courses.

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I really like this golf course.  It's a challenging layout with a lot of variance in the holes.  It's also immaculately maintained, they really do a good job there, very plush.  The price point is very fair, it's what you would expect to pay at a pretty good course.  It's one of my favorite courses in the greater Boston area.

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Awright.  That's how I sum up a round at Trull Brook.  As for positives, the grass conditions on the greens, tees and fairways were all good the day I played here.  The conditions were not stand on your head and cheer, but nevertheless what one expects on a midpriced public course.   The course is a bit worn around the edges with overgrown planting beds and cart paths in need of repaving.

Trull Brook has a split personality with a number of holes playing in the open with only a few trees.  Holes like 2, 7,8, 15 and 16 all give you room for errant shots. There are a few funky holes that take some getting used to.  For example, #5 is a narrow dogleg with overhanging trees and
could be improved by removal of trees .  Holes 1, 10,11, 17 are all
doglegs and all leave you scratching your head.   The tilt on the greens
taking with tucked flags the day i played test your patience.  At $42 on a
Friday, I would play here again as the price seems about right for the
conditions and golf quality found here.  Lastly, the pace of play was 4.5
hours and the staff friendly.

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