Trotters Glen Golf Course

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Very open links course, and a lot of fun to play. Unfortunately the lady working there is just TERRIBLE. She chased me and my friends off the course because she thought we were taking too much time. Unreal!! I have never been treated like that before. She literally drove up to us and told us we have to get out of the cart and leave the course.
Needless to say I haven't played there since, although I'd love to under new management.

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Sad part is the fact that about 10 - 15 years ago this was a very nice and well maintained course when the owner had it run by a golf course group.  It is a very nice track and fun to play a round on.  But the the evil wicked witch that owns the land Helen Polinger has fired the management group many years ago and let the place fall to ruin.  EVERYONE around will say the same thing when you mention the course by name, "Have you played Trotters Glen?", "that old lady is evil" or "that woman is crazy" is the usual response.

I have read that she has sold the place to Toll Brothers who will turn it into the standard box house development.  This course was a little jewel many, many years ago and now it is just a wreck.  Sad fate for a golf course to have to be left in ruin and sold off for housing.  

So even if she is the devil himself, the old lady will be getting paid in the deal.  She is so mean she will outlive us all.

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This is the most disgusting place ever!!! There is a very rude woman that works there as well.  I'm not sure why or how this place is in buisness.

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