Trosper Park Golf Course

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Very trashy course, not well kept at all.   There were so many mesquites we could not take it.  After I told the guy at the counter the ball Machine took my $3.50 he laughed and said " ya, it will do that". Then refused to give me a refund!

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Nice course for being city owned/run. The course is pretty nice and well kept. It all started with walking in and seeing if there were any tee times available. After being turned away due to it being busy on a Saturday, we decided to head home and try another day...We got back into the truck and were backing out of the spot when someone comes knocking on our window. One of the employees actually took the time to walk all the way to the parking lot and told us someone had just cancelled and we could have it if we were ready to go in 15 minutes. That right there impressed me.

There were a lot of par 3's here which kept things interesting and I want to say 4 par 5's. Every staff member we met was friendly. They had a drink cart going around selling drinks for insane prices.

My main complaints were:
1) Lack of cold water on the course. They attempted to remedy this buy putting large water coolers along the way.
2) Lack of "adult" beverages for sale (I play better after a drink or two lol).
3) If they are going to have a 5-some playing, stagger the tee-times to prevent back-up. We spent an INSANE amount of time waiting on two groups of 5 in a row in front of us.

Happy Golfing! Watch out for the 18th hole, it's a doozie!

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