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My wife and I have been members for two years.  We live in the area. The primary reasons we joined were (1.) socilaize with our neighbors who are members, (2.) have somewhere nice to eat, since there is no where to eat in the immediate Trophy Club area (unless you consider Dairy Queen, Sonic, or Chilli's fine dining, and (3.) have somewhere nice to play golf.  

The justification for the 2-star rating is as follows:

1.  The food is mediocre to poor.  Very limited menu that hardly ever changes.  The quality of the food is average at best.  Friday night after work dinner is a prime rib buffet.  It's OK, but the accompanying side dishes are very unimaginitve.  The of course, try to eat with what seems to be hundreds of loud drunks at the bar and unsupervised children running in/out of the doors.  The service is aveage;  they're understaffed, takes forever for the food to get out of the kitchen, you're on your own for water and tea refills, they never know your name, and the food serving sizes are pretty measily for the price.  This goes for breakfast, brunch, lunch, and supper.  The wine choices are limited, but you couldn't tell by the prices they charge for a glass/bottle.  Ironically, there always seems to be a wine tasting event going on (if you're quick enough to sign up for it).  Strangley, none of those wines ever seem to make it onto the menu.

2.  The club building itself is a dump.  Very old, frankly needs to be torn down and rebuilt.  Of course, it's owned by ClubCorp, so capital improvement money is dolled out whenever they're not buying other clubs across thre country.  The men's locker room is nothing special, the rooms where special events are held looks like a blast from the 1960's - only thing that's missing is avacado green shag carpet.  Rest rooms are in dire need of remodeling, the parking lot is a pot hole obstacle course, and the exercise room is despicable.  There is no quiet dining area, as everything happens around the bar area in the Hogan area.  Good luck getting waited on if you're not sitting around the bar area where all the action is.

3.  Suffice it to say, we don't see any neighbors we know that are members - maybe they're not impressed with their own club either.

4.  Lots of surveys, lots of promises about improvements, etc., etc.  From what we can see, all the money goes into the two golf courses which are better than most ClubCorp courses in the DFW area.  Of course, if you don't play golf then there's no benefit for you there.  We don't play tennis or use the swimming pool.  It's a good thing, those facilities are about 3 miles away from the main clubhouse.

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I had my son and soon to be daughter-in-law's rehearsal dinner at the club and was very pleased with the overall service and quality of food that was provided. All of our meals came out hot and at the same time and it was a great way to start a weekend of celebrating for my family. The facility is beautiful and the amenities included for even non-members are more than anywhere we looked. Would definitely host an event here in the future.

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We joined for the access to the two golf courses.  Great condition with probably the best practice facility.

We have had lunch a couple of times and not impressed with the food so we venture to outside establishments for after round nourishment.  I would like to try a dinner there but timing just hasn't been right.

The staff is very friendly and organized from our experience.

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Terrible customer service. After playing a round of golf, I decided to get something to eat in the restaurant.  I located a table and waited over five minutes for a server to approach which none did.  Therefore, I decided to walk over to two servers at the bar engaged in their own conversation to get a menu.  I thought after doing so at least one of them would later come over to take my order.  Eventually after waiting another ten minutes, no one came over to take my order so decided I had enough and left.  I will return to Trophy Club to play golf but I will not eat there.

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Great lifestyle experience, golf is very good for all levels from beginners to advanced. Clubhouse is like the living room you always wanted - service and attitude of the staff is top notch

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