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The Tripoli Club is pretty nice. They do a good job of keeping the place looking sharp and the staff are incredibly nice and accommodating. They have a pretty good bar and bartender and serve some great drinks. I went here for a wedding and all of the food and drinks were fantastic, so I can say that this place is overall pretty good. I don't think I'll be getting married anytime soon, but this place is definitely a great place to have an event.

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Hundreds - literally, hundreds - of times. That's how many times I've driven past this place only half-knowing or half-caring what it was."There's that place with the big fence and all the trees and it's some club or golf course or who the hell cares!"

Situated on Good Hope & 43rd, Tripoli Country Club exists, and for what or why I never much cared before last weekend. "Oh, old rich dudes golf there? Great. Awesome. Just kidding... because BORE-ING!" "Oh, rich housewives who make jewelry in their spare time come here to drink massive amounts of Chardonnay and gossip and pretend to play tennis? EXCELLENT. JUST FABULOUS."

But, as per has become more of a norm than not as of late, I was pleasantly surprised by this establishment this past weekend as I was invited to attend a wedding wherein I knew ostensibly no one. Not a singular person, save for my super-handsome date, Yelp photog extraordinaire Mister Luke R.

So why, exactly, did I change my tune? What made me go from country club hatin' and beratin' to "Yay! I'm a fan?"

Ambiance: Sure, it's a country club, and has all the trappings of such. Only slightly dated in decor, Tripoli rocks all the trappings and fixings of the nature: warm woods, patterned carpets, a "cloak" room, high-backed chairs, white tablecloths, slipcovers, leather, fake flowers, all of that. But honestly? It was all pretty tasteful. And the banquet hall? High ceilings, floor-to-ceiling windows on the back wall overlooking the golf course... quite elegant, actually.

SERVICE: This is where this place, as a venue, shone through to no end. The constant attention to detail and team service during cocktail hour as well as the dinner left me quite impressed. Every whim attended to, every coffee cup refilled, no glass of bubbly left not replenished. The bartenders were friendly and helpful and dealt with me well even after my fourth drink, and the GM? Rounds and rounds and rounds to ensure everyone's satisfaction. Total win.

Verdict? A great venue, truly, for a banquet, wedding, or upscale event. Maybe they'll even consider hosting a Yelp party? Eh? Whaddya say, Tripoli?

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