Tradition Golf Club

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Played in a golf tourney here and the course is very beautiful and pristine.
I was well over 100 degrees and I wasn't prepared for it and the heat got to me.. hopefully will get a chance to play here again.

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What a stunningly beautiful club to have the privilege of being invited to. My Fella and I were invited down to the desert for a week of R&R in the sun, including a bit of golf.

  This set of holes has to be the prettiest I have seen, as of yet. Traditions course is expansive and very well laid out. The greens are very well kept, as are the grounds around it. The houses that have been built into the course are massive as well as beautiful, boasting equally as scenic views from virtually everywhere.

  My favorite part of this course has to be the 17th, it is not for the faint of heart or those who lose their balance easily. The climb up is steep and rocky, and a bit scary on the way down as well. Once at the top, you will see what I am speaking of, a grand seemingly endless view of the not only the course but of the vast San Jacinto Mountains, and the valleys between the ranges.

  Is there a better way to spend a beautiful summer like afternoon in March? I sure can't think of anything. Except maybe to follow up a nice game with an old fashioned or two. Which is exactly what we did, on the lovely patio in the club house. Which provided more wonderful views for our party to enjoy while relaxing.

  If the opportunity presents itself I would love to make a return visit. Next time I hope I have the set of Taylormade's I have had my eye on.

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