Tradition Golf Club At Windsor the

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This course has been here since the 60's and is a pretty nice one.  It is currently closed for remodeling but I've heard it is scheduled to reopen in 2014.   The course is nestled into a pretty tight piece of land for an 18 holer but there are some really beautiful holes that I have always looked forward to playing.  However there are also a few that just run back and forth side to side in a pretty boring pattern.  Quite a few ponds and there's a stream that runs it's way through the course.  It's VERY hilly so carts are usually required.   But the hills make for some beautiful scenery with the clubhouse at the highest point.

Windsor seems to be hoping to turn this into some kind of condo rental property like we need more of that sh*t here.  I'm hoping the owner can really make it work after the remodel.  Windsor needs a golf course.

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I bought a Groupon for this golf course for 18 holes for 2 people (golf cart included) for $38. Never. Again. We made a tee time and got there about 10 minutes before our 1:12 tee time. The guy at the front desk got us taken care of but then commented on how we still had a group in front of us before we could start. We realized we were early. We weren't 100% sure of the location we were going, so we left with plenty of time. But whatever, we knew we were early and didn't mind waiting. It was more of his attitude than the actual comment. Certainly not very welcoming.

So we went out to get a cart where the guy at the desk told us someone would be to help us. No one was there. Were we to take a cart that was randomly outside or one that was in the garage? We didn't know and since we had been waiting 10 minutes (since we were so early...) we had plenty of time to wait around for an employee. We ended up just taking a cart without any instruction and then had to wait to even start the first hole. We waited a good 15 minutes before even starting the first hole. And it wasn't because of the guys in front of us... the entire course was backed up. So 2 hours later, we were finished with 4 holes. Not even joking. We were supposed to be doing 18 holes and we started at 1pm. At the rate we were going, we would have finished the course at 8pm. It gets dark here around 6pm since it is the end of October. We thought the guys in front of us were just slow so we skipped a hole and had to wait for those guys to finish. Just as they finished, some other guys came up and complained that we cut in front of them and it was their turn. Sure, they were right. So they got to golf and we left the entire course. We thought about just skipping another hole, but at this point we were so frustrated that we didn't see the point. It was a beautiful Saturday in October and there were plenty of other things we could be doing than sitting in a golf cart with a bunch of retirees. Not even close to worth the money.

As for the actual golf course itself, it was not impressive at all. The holes are literally right next to each other. If you have one bad shot, get ready to yell "fore" because I can almost guarantee you'll land in the fairway of another hole. I've never been so scared in my life to die due to golf ball! (also, I've never heard the word "fore" used so many times! There were a few instances I was legitimately scared!) So if you're retired and have all the time in the world to sit in a golf cart and are ready to die, this golf course is perfect for you. If you're in you're 20's and actually have a life, I suggest you choose elsewhere to golf on your valuable weekends. I will never EVER go back and I only saw the first 4 holes. This golf course was beyond disappointing.

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Had the pleasure of playing the course today.  It's a challenging course with tight fairways, elevation changes and water in play on many of the holes.  The course plays about 6000 yards from the tips with 2 additional forward tees.  Driving accuracy is a must on this course.  The course was well maintained and the greens in excellent condition.  My only gripe is with the bunkers.  They contained hard, packed sand.  There was no beverage cart but there is a restaurant where you can order food to pick up at the turn.  No driving range but there is a practice putting green.  The biggest plus about the Tradition is the price.  I paid $35 WITH a cart for a Saturday morning which is an amazing price for a course of this magnitude (this is the regular price).  It also wasn't that busy.  My threesome was able to play 18 in just over 4 hours.  This is probably another reason why the greens fees are so affordable.  All in all I will be back to play the Tradition in the future.

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