Toscana Country Club

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One of my best friends got married here this past weekend.  The setting was picture-perfect; I'm not the biggest fan of Indian Wells because I usually like lush tropical locations and beaches, but I have to admit that the golf course with the lake, mountains and palm trees looked so good it was like a fake Hollywood backdrop.

Cute bunnies hopping around the golf course, I like.

The bride and all of us bridesmaids spent the day getting ready for the wedding in a room that seemed specifically made for that purpose.  The room had a beautiful huge fireplace, and bathroom, a huge tub, and a gorgeous outside shower and fountain.  We had tons of photo ops for wedding pictures!  I made a music mix on my iphone and the speaker that I brought wasn't working; luckily they had a iphone surround sound speaker built into the wall and in the room!  Fabulous!  There was a room down the hall with a selection of about 6 loose-leaf teas with individual steeping pots for all the girls.  Kind of cool if you're a tea lover like me!  I saw one of my friends mixing up the green and hibiscus teas to make her own special concoction.  (There was coffee and a teabag selection too in another room).  I called that room the "napping room" because it was just a big room with maybe 8 chaises and just seemed so relaxing.  I need one of those in my house one day.  

We were brought in food and champagne- my vegan options were sooo good!  Vegetable platter that I could dip in spicy mustard, plus there was a grilled vegetable wrap that was so pretty and that I need to recreate at home: grilled mushrooms, zucchini, asparagus, bell peppers, and tomatoes in a bright green spinach wrap.  I put the spicy mustard in there and it was great.  We had the Scharfenberger champagne and it was just as good, if not better than the chocolate:)  For dinner, I had a grilled vegetables and potatoes made into a pretty stack (I think there is a fancy name for that?  I don't know what it is).  Portabello mushroom, potato, squash, zucchini,  bell peppers, basically everything that was in my wrap but with a more formal dinner presentation.  I was happy to get the same food again, I was thinking about stealing a wrap for later anyway.

The facilities were amazing, everything was perfect.  Spacious, luxurious, Italian decor, tons of amenities.  And great weather too!

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Love the food and the view is always gorgeous.

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the golf course...nicklaus design.  flat and fast.  greens meduim sized with nice undulation.  in great shape always.  its private and you need to play with members.  nothing spectular   kinda stock for jack.  you can move the ball either direction you wont get in trouble.  i've played better.  stock track

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My friend got married here last summer, and I must say it was absolutely beautiful.  It felt like I was a movie, the arbors provided the guests with shelter and a misters to keep them cool and protected from the hot summer desert heat.  Parking here wasn't a problem and there were a number of countless locations which provided some amazing photo ops...

As for the golf facilities, it too looked absolutely amazing, you couldn't even tell that you were in the middle of the desert.  I didn't hit the course to tee off, (one because I didn't have a left handed club set and two, most importantly, I suck and wouldn't want to destroy the course and make an enemy of the greens keeper...

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