Top O’ The Hill Golf Course

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Love this golf course! Love that it is near Grandma's house and love that it is a great course for beginners (me). They have a great set up here (other than hole 8 where I always lose a ball in the water without fail). It's a great little Par 3, nine holes, perfect for learning and those who get impatient with the game. The holes are short, which means that if you are a guy and can actually hit the ball, don't use your driver... you will over hit! Ladies, this place is perfect for you, you can actually get on the green in a decent amount of swings and your score probably won't be too bad.

The course is beautiful and the staff are really friendly, but this place is definitely busy. It's nice to have a welcoming atmosphere and it's good to feel welcome even as a beginner. I like that no one here golfs like they are in the PGA, I don't feel bad about being slower than the average golfer. I can take my time, and if I don't like my shot, well I hit another ball and play that one.

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Top O' The Hill is a challenging course if you totally suck at golf like I do. The hill is only nine holes and offers a wide array of terrain, well-groomed fairways, and a number of the usual hazards. The course isn't usually that busy and obtaining a tee-time is often fairly simple.

Of course, I'll never be able to go back here because I've been banned for life. Have you ever heard of Speed Golf? No? Well, neither has Top O' The Hill. The nature of the game is literally the opposite of golf -- you don't count strokes. The winner of the game is merely the person who finishes all nine holes first. Of course, it's rather chaotic, but it's a heck of a lot of fun, especially if you've been drinking.

During the one game of Speed Golf I've played, I got so far behind and was so intoxicated that I decided it would be a good idea to go for a dip in their water hazard. Suffice to say, I won't be welcome back. But that doesn't mean that I don't love this place. It is here where I played my most memorable game of golf ever.

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