Tokeland Golf Links

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Adjacent the Tokeland Hotel, this 18 (or so) hole golf course is truly unique.  Guarded only by an "honor box" requesting $10 for your play, the entire golf course is actually situated on tidal lands.  During winter high tides, most of this golf course is underwater.

A true "sustainable" golf course, no pesticides or fertilizers are used.  Newcastle it aint, but for $10, it can't be beat.  The vistas out over the bay where the WIllapa River meets the Pacific Ocean simply cannot be beat.

This is particularly great for a walking outing where dad can bring his clubs and mom can follow along with the baby stroller, as well as for beginners who can't see dumping $50 and up on green fees just to stub every other ball.  

Feel free to picnic after your round in the parking lot, or have lunch in the dining room of the Tokeland Hotel.

Minus one star for the snake skin I saw along the way, otherwise, an unbeatable value and great family fun for a day.

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