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My husband and I had our wedding here this month. From beginning to end, Denise and her staff made our big day come to life! Everyone was so professional and got things done without question or hesitation. Denise is amazing and we wouldn't have changed a thing!!!

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ALL of these reviews miss the point.
All of the greens and fairways are VERY well maintained.
Challenging but fun and the members very friendly...

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5 stars for a superb staff who knows how to help make a big event (such a as a wedding) not seem as daunting as it typically is!  Thank you Denise for guiding me and my fiancé through the process of planning our wedding at thunder canyon golf resort.  

The restaurant and golf course is pristine and grand and has a beautiful rustic feel with large entry fireplace an cozy (but not tiny) bar.

The food is scrumptious!!!!! I can't wait for our wedding guests to enjoy the delicious food (buffet style) as well as the mouth watering appetizers.

I am blown away how the event coordinators at thunder canyon are able to be as cool and easy going as Denise and Lori, our wedding is a couple weeks away and every time I've needed to ask a question for the third time or had wished there could be some flexibility until I knew how to even make and lock in a decision, Denise (my main point of contact) made me feel relaxed, and ALWAYS reminded me (through her tone of voice) that all will be Okay!  Also, each time I hang up the phone with her, I say out loud, "I love her!" And truly she has made our wedding no frills no hidden anything, no over promises just straight forward, work-with-us attitude, genuine relaxed tone and amicable communication.

I am so lucky my fiancé found Denise at thunder canyon and I love people who know how to get things done without that absolute pressing need to make you want to explode from stress!  She has made this stressful time an absolute pleasure and I would recommend anyone looking to get married around a beautiful Lake Tahoe without the extreme tahoe fees, to come check out this gorgeous private golf course.  

I'm so excited my family and friends will be able to enjoy our day here. We r still currently flexible on whether it will be indoor or outdoor weather dependent... I am expecting it to be a little windy based on other reviews, but actually, I'm hoping for a miracle of more snow!!!!   And cannot wait to take our photos around the golf course!!!

I Will also write an update after the event, I imagine it to be as good as it has been so far and so-- looking forward to it all!

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When my then fiancé , now husband, and I were researching venues we felt a little "lost".  Making a few rounds at a wedding fair, we visited a few of the golf course venues- and they seemed nice, but at the end of the day- we just felt like " just another wedding". We just couldn't dump all of our hard earned money into feeling like just another bride and groom. Thank god Denise brought us to her booth! After talking with her and setting up a meeting time- we left giving each other a big high five- she was so personable and friendly from the start, she made us feel special, and important- just what we needed.
Driving out to Thunder Canyon the first time was beautiful. Just 35 minutes outside of Reno, but the moment you exit you get such a beautiful country feel. The clubhouse is amazing! From the moment you enter you are enveloped in elegance. There is an amazing fireplace with rock wall features and large windows that give you the greatest views of the mountains. I can't go on enough about how beautiful this place is- you'll just have to check it out.
Working with Denise was more than easy going. She answered all of our questions and always responded quickly to our emails and phone calls. I'm a pretty go with the flow type person and she coordinated my whole wedding down to the timeline. She worked with all my vendors to make sure everyone was where they needed to be and even found me a DJ, that turned out to be great.
From the second I arrived on my wedding day Denise and Lori were there to basically make sure my day was my day. She got me and my bridal party set up in the locker room and helped unload my car full of wedding stuff. She came down with a pitcher of mimosas and a lunch menu and basically catered to me for the remainder of the day.
The ceremony was beautiful, everyone was timed out perfectly and it was amazing.  Just before we left for pictures, Denise, BLESS her heart brought each of us a cocktail and a box of our appetizers. So thoughtful of her to think of us!!! They were so delicious  that by the time we got back they would have been gone- plus it allowed my groom to actually smile for pictures ;) After my groom and I returned from pictures we entered the reception room and it totally exceeded my expectations. All of my props were out and the tables looked amazing.
Dinner- from the first time we met the executive chef, Barack, we knew we were in good hands. We had our tasting and everything was so delicious it was hard to decide what to eat. We decided on a carving station and I'm so glad we did because there was jolly Barack, dressed all in white with his top chefs hat- it was so classy! It really set the mood!!
I really can't express just how happy we were with the service here. They were all so nice to us and genuinely happy for us.  Even though this is a private country club, they made us feel so welcome. No stuffy attitudes just genuinely nice people who love what they do. Thank you Denise and Thunder Canyon!

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This is a review of the restaurant. I'm not a golfer. My mother-in-law wanted to take wifey and me out for a combination birthday lunch (my birthday coming up, and wifey's just passed). We've never been here before, mainly because we thought it was a private club, both for golf AND for dining. Silly us...

Note the date of this review. It was chilly and blustery. You know, normal for Washoe Valley. When we pulled in to the club grounds it was a bit tough to find the 'clubhouse'. One sign pointed in the direction once in the gate. After that, we were on our own. Since there were NO cars in the parking lot, we weren't even sure if we were in the right place. But, we were, and I dropped wifey and mother-in-law off in front of the door (to keep them out of the WIND).  Since I was the ONLY car in the lot, it was easy to pick a close parking spot.

This place is DeLuxe! Big bucks went into building it, probably because it has to withstand the hurricanes of Washoe... The dining area is beautiful, and the views of the mountains are breathtaking. It's not often I write about views, but in this place you have to mention it.

Our waitress Deb was as friendly as they come, and we soon found she had a sense of humor too. She was especially attentive without being overbearing. Probably being the ONLY customers helped. Ya think?  We ordered wine while we waited for our lunch. Wifey and her mother ordered the special of the day, while I opted for the prawn and angel hair pasta dish.

While waiting for our order, I wandered around looking at the very tastefully decorated dining area. Neat pictures of golfing related stuff, including a picture of five past Presidents standing together, and a golf ball signed by each of them. Pretty impressive.

The food was absolutely great. Great! I was quite frankly, surprised. I'd had visions of this being some highbrow, snooty place with over priced yuppie food. Not so. It was relatively normal lunch type stuff, and nothing on the menu was overpriced. Fish and chips, burgers, etc. All good stuff. We'll be back. In fact, my mother-in-law has already made reservations for the Easter Brunch Buffet. I can't wait.  

There's a full bar in a room off to the side, but I think this is reserved for club members. This IS after all, a Country Club for members, with a few amenities available for the general public (that would be me - ahem).

I wandered downstairs to the golf pro shop just to look. As I mentioned, I'm not a golfer but all this folderol intrigues me. It looked to me like if you WERE a golfer, you'd like this store. The gentleman running it this day was great. He invited me in to check it out, and he'd be glad to sell me some clubs. When I said I wasn't going to buy any clubs because then I'd have to learn to play golf, he said I'd fit right in. Most of the people OUT there need to learn to play golf. Ha! So you see, humor abounds here... I'm starting to like this place, though I'd never be able to afford to join.

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