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This course is one of the nicest public courses I have played. Been playing the woodland for almost ten years now, and its in amazing shape not matter what time of the year. Yes, its a bit more $$$ then your typical public course, but you pay for what you get. Less golfers mean quicker round times. The course is always maintained really well and I see one improvement after another each time I play. Some of the holes are tight, as almost every one is lined with trees, but each hole provides a different approach and challenge. If you looking for something cheap, this is not your course. If you are looking for something that is far and above better then your typical Baltimore public course, (with great twilight rates), you need to play The Woodlands.

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Not a cheap round of golf, but usually worth it.

I'm not averse to paying a little money to have an enjoyable time out on the golf course, and typically I can expect a good time at the Woodlands.

Woodlands is located on the same property as Diamond Ridge, and they also share a clubhouse, but the two courses are totally different. Woodlands is the more upscale of the two. Because Diamond Ridge is the cheaper of the two, it typically is much more busy than the Woodlands. I would rather pay a little more money than have to wait on every tee box, as can be the case on Diamond Ridge.

Also, the quality of the course sets it apart. You will usually find the Woodlands to be in topnotch shape with the notable exception of one hole, #13, more on that later. Plus, even though the course borders trees on pretty much every hole, it is a rather open course, making it enjoyable for all skill levels.

My favorite aspects of the course are the Par 3s. From the white tees, no par 3 plays longer than 150yards, and most of them are downhill. My favorite is #14, it is only a SW or PW and it has about 75 feet of drop from the tee to the green. There is nothing quite like hitting a perfect wedge and watching it fall for what feels like a minute. There is a huge (8-10 ft deep) bunker guarding the front, so it isn't a pushover, but it is fun, which is exactly what this course is.

Now, the one problem with this course is #13, which is a long uphill dogleg par 5. No matter that time of year it is, they always seem to be working on this hole. Playing from the fairway is like playing from the sandy rough. They always seem to be aerating, more than the other holes. Once you get up the hill, the hole plays fine, but there is something wrong with the first part of the hole.

This is the only element keeping this course from being a 5-star course. The views are spectacular, the course is set up to offer variety and the staff is very helpful. This is one of my go-to courses in the area, and I would recommend anyone looking for a smooth pace-of-play, to pay a few more bucks and try the Woodlands.

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