The Timbers at Troy

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My boyfriend treated me to a round of golf as part of my birthday celebration this past weekend (yesterday, as a matter of fact).  My boyfriend is an AVID golfer...he plays an average of 6 days a week, and literally 'studies' golf during every waking hour.  He is part of 3 different groups who travel to Myrtle Beach to play in tournaments during the Spring, Summer, and Fall.  I, too, absolutely love to play golf, but not to that extent.  I say all of this to give the reader an idea of our level of exposure to the game and different courses.  

We were extremely pleased with the quality and condition of this course, and the professionalism of the staff at the course.  The course is 'tight' (narrow) and very challenging, which is why it is a wonderful practice course if you're preparing to play in Myrtle Beach.  Although the tee boxes were not in perfect condition, and a few of the bunkers need cleaning up, the fairway was beautiful and well manicured.  As for the aesthetics, it's really a gorgeous course; very scenic.  Maybe because the weather was so pleasant yesterday, we were not overtaken by bugs, flies, or any other insects, which can ruin your fun while playing golf.

As for the staff....TOP NOTCH!!  We're nominating one of the starters (Greg) as the "Starter of the Year" because he was outrageously funny, kind, charming, laid-back, and an all-around great guy TO EVERYONE.  You could tell that Greg really enjoys his job and being around people on the golf course.  He made me feel relaxed by reminding me to "have fun" rather then feel the pressure of making a good shot.  And it was "how he said it" rather then the words that he used.   But all of the staff that we encountered were very professional.

I could go on and on, but...well, I have to get back to my own job.  (smile)  Oh, BTW, we enjoyed our first round of golf so much that we played a second round immediately afterwards.

(Oh, I forgot to also mention another Starter named Jeff, who was also really nice and accommodating when we decided to play an extra round of golf.)

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I was in the area so I played after a meeting. Was surprised that it costs $24 to walk 9 holes when you tee off at 6pm. I suggest playing the blue tees to add some length to the front 9, otherwise it is way too short. Like others, I was disappointing in the quality of the fairways and greens. Too many fairway divots were not replaced or sanded and the greens were really banged up. The course should give each player a divot tool and remind them to replace their divots when they pay for their greens fees. I play the muni courses in Baltimore and they are cheaper and in better shape. All in all, not worth $24 to walk 9 at 6pm on Monday.

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For being a convenient golf course, right near the intersection of 100 and 95, I rarely play this course, unless someone in my group is desperate to get here. Otherwise, I would steer clear of this course.

Timbers sets itself up as an upscale course and certainly enjoys charging an upscale price.

I know that golf isn't cheap, a fact I'm reminded of every time I check my credit card statement, but this place is ridiculously overpriced. I try to play during the weekdays during the summer due to the freedom associated with my job, but for $56 bucks for Monday thru Thursday, I find this to be a bit excessive. That is more than Waverly Woods and The Woodlands, as well as most Central MD courses. Shiver me Timbers, that's a lot of money!

On Friday, the price jumps to $61 and on the weekend, if you want to play in the morning, you are going to shell out $68. I can live with that price for a weekend round of golf, I guess, but the $56 is what really gets me.

Second, for the price you should expect a top notch experience, but unfortunately, this is where Timbers really slips. While the course is generally in decent shape, because of all of the slopes and elevation changes, the course is really inconsistent. One time you'll be hitting on a flush fairway and another time you'll be hitting from a dry patch of dirt in another fairway.

Also, this course will tear you apart if you aren't good and/or lucky. Many of the holes have forced carries over wetland type areas and blind tee shots to landing areas that tend to slope away from you or into a bunker/rough.

My other warning: If you are playing here on a weekend, make sure you have allocated no less than 5.5 hours, perhaps more. The way the tee times are staggered and the level of difficulty, coupled with all the wooded areas, means this course plays slow...crockpot slow.

I just don't find it a fun course to play, especially if I am spending that much money.

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I have really never seen a proshop or a golf Pro with as little manners and concern for their customers at Timbers of Troy.    Not just lack of manners, they are down right rude!     I will not golf here and I tell others to avoid this course.     There is little chance of playing less than a 5 hour round b/c their tee times are 7 minutes apart.      The only good thing is location and that is the only reason they are in business.   If you care about any customer service, do not play this course.

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This is not a high end golf course, but it is a fun course to play. The price is a bit high for the area, but not significant enough to skip it. I live close by and this is my 4 pm course after a day of work in the summer. I must say over the past 3 years, the course is slowly getting worse. There are constantly areas under repair on the fairways, and bad patches of weeds on tee boxes. In 2006 or 2007 this was a must play course, with very nice fairways and greens. In 2010 it is just another public course with a reasonable layout. I would play it much less, if i lived farther away.

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