The Timbers at Troy

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I have really never seen a proshop or a golf Pro with as little manners and concern for their customers at Timbers of Troy.    Not just lack of manners, they are down right rude!     I will not golf here and I tell others to avoid this course.     There is little chance of playing less than a 5 hour round b/c their tee times are 7 minutes apart.      The only good thing is location and that is the only reason they are in business.   If you care about any customer service, do not play this course.

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This is not a high end golf course, but it is a fun course to play. The price is a bit high for the area, but not significant enough to skip it. I live close by and this is my 4 pm course after a day of work in the summer. I must say over the past 3 years, the course is slowly getting worse. There are constantly areas under repair on the fairways, and bad patches of weeds on tee boxes. In 2006 or 2007 this was a must play course, with very nice fairways and greens. In 2010 it is just another public course with a reasonable layout. I would play it much less, if i lived farther away.

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Ok so this course isn't as bad as say playing on the street or Rocky gorge but it's close.

The conditions of the greens are horrible. I grew up learning on the green you fix your divot plus 1. At Timbers it's ignore your divot and spike the green with your 8 iron. The fairways are spotty and the traps look like remnants of mortar explosions. Also a lot of rocks in them so watch your trusty wedge while in them.

Service is up and down but on average it blows. Our cart broke down one outing, called the pro-shop and they didn't have a spare. Now I know it's not a big deal to walk several holes but doing so while making the perfect martini is difficult. When I made it back to the shop to ask maybe about a rain check for a cart fee the guy basically told me "tough". Nice

All in all if you need to stick in this basic area to golf just go a couple miles down 70 and to Waverly. Timbers is not worth it.

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We drove 2 hours from Pa to play this course, because it was supposed to be a Top 100 Mid Atlantic Must Play Course. I was really looking forward to playing here; however, we were very disappointed by the course and the conditions.
It is not a Must Play course. We were expecting a championship type course, but found it to be no better than average courses in our area. We used the Tee Times pass and paid $41 on a weekday, which was way too much and not worth the value.
Greens were the worst we played this year, divot marks everywhere, big holes in the greens, looked to be from soil samples, and you could see about a month's worth of previous day cup marks on every green.
Fairways were better but a lot of divot marks and very tightly mowed. They were extremely wet, because they were watering the fairways during our round, which is not common where we play, and we were doused by water a few times.
90 degree rules were in effect. On one hole a maintenance guy, probably the head, came by and yelled at us for having 1 tire off the cart path. Ludicrous considering the poor conditions.
Course was not spectacular in design and was very short. Too many short Par 4's at 300 or less yards, just not a typical championship type course which you would expect from a Must Play rated course. Looked like course was crammed into the property and there was not enough space. I do not recommend this course especially if you are out of the area.
It's not saying much if the golf carts are the only thing you liked about the course.

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Normally, I would give a place like this 4 stars.  A municipal course that's somewhat challenging, decent tee boxes, and a special where you pay for a draft beer 1 cent for every stroke you hit that day (Mine would've been 94 cents).

But I will complain about the sprinklers going off in the middle of the fairways while we were playing.  And how about one hole where the gardeners were all over the green, and one was driving around in a big giant tractor.  If I wanted that, I would've just gone to a driving range.  And the greens were very inconsistent, some were fast, some were slow...

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