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while i'm not a member of the springhaven club, the owners of my company are, so i have been attending special work events here for the past eight and a half years.

i can't speak to cost since all of my experiences here have been on the company dime (holla!) but from a guest's point of view, this place is pretty least by delco standards. from lunchtime bridal & baby showers in the restaurant to an infamously awesome holiday party in the grand ballroom, all of my springhaven experiences have been top-notch. the food, both off the menu and at the catered events, is nothing mind-blowing, but tasty and with enough veggie options to keep me happy.

the staff is always friendly and on the ball. just one "sorry, the tuna tartare looks delish, but i don't eat meat" and the waiters beeline for me when they have trays of vegetarian hors d'oeuvres for the taking. hit up the bar just once and they know your drink of choice all nite. hit up the bar just one nite a year, year after year, and they have your drink poured for you before you even get to the bar. at least in my experience...

my only gripe with the springhaven is the decor, which could benefit from a makeover. um hi, the eighties called; they want their wallpaper back.

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