The Shores Country Club

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We came for Easter brunch and were sorely disappointed. The food was cold, and not there - that is, they didn't plan for the Easter crowd. All of the various bins were empty. They struggled to get good back out. People were standing, waiting, plates in hand.

Maybe it's not that bad normally, but after this experience I won't be trying it.

I suggest everyone else avoid this place like the plague.

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I grew up in Rockwall, but this was my first time coming to the Country Club to do anything besides swim. 10 of us met up for a going-away party brunch: 6 senior couples, my fiancé's parents, and us.

Service seemed to be the worst for me.

Starting off, our waiter brought us the wrong menu, but somehow the dish I ordered was the only one that wasn't available (egg white omelette full of different vegetables).
Actually, at first the waiter told me it just might take a little longer because they didn't have pre-separated egg whites and so they were going to have to do it by hand. (Um, okay? That shouldn't be a problem.)
But, the waiter came back in about 5 minutes to say they were out of several other ingredients for my egg white omelette, so I would have to order something completely different.
I switched to a breakfast burrito.

Then, they forgot our non-water drinks (a coffee, a bloody mary, and my mimosa). THEN, they brought the drinks, but spilled mine, so they had to make another one. THEN then, my fiancé had to remind them again that I was waiting on a new mimosa.


The saving grace was the good company (not the restaurant's doing) and the breakfast burrito, which was delicious. It had an herbed tortilla with A+ salsa.
I heard the restaurant was taken over by an established place in town, so maybe they just need to get in the swing of things.

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