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SantaLuz is an award-winning, planned residential development project east of Rancho Santa Fe. The layout, which works WITH the land and emulates the "old California" look is visually stunning and very functional.

I recently attended a meeting at the SantaLuz Club Library. My group was small (just five), but the staff treated us like royalty. From the parking valets to the wait staff, everybody was friendly and thoughtful. And tipping isn't allowed, so this really goes to show the quality of the employees at this facility.

I know that SantaLuz hosts weddings and private shindigs, but it belongs to all of the residents in the community.

This is a pretty up-scale place, but you can feel the genuine hospitality they afford. I very much look forward to revisiting SantaLuz in the future!

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Beautiful! They always have great events going on, very kid friendly!! And they have an awesome pool. The majestic building is just the beginning to this amazing place. They have gorgeous indoor basket ball courts, cafes, etc. All of which, will amaze you. Here i recommend the coconut shrimp.

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I can't rave about Santaluz and the staff enough! First, what a well kept property! The golf course looked amazing, the restaurant is immaculate and wait until you try their cocktails and food. Valet is always quick and polite. I never had a chance to experience the spa, but I bet it's to die for.

I had my wedding here and what a magical day. First class treatment! Elizabeth is exceptional. Attention to detail is their specialty. Jorge, Jorge, Jorge, he knows what service is all about!

My family and I stopped in on numerous occasions leading up to the big day. Family from the east coast, family from out of state and he made each and every one feel so special. Jorge was the talk of our wedding. It couldn't of happened without the Santaluz staff and the coordination of Wynn Austin Events team.

I would love to move to Santaluz and become a member after the unparalleled experience.

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Let me start by saying that I'm very picky and I appreciate some of the finer things in life like Santaluz.....

Santaluz rocks I'm so glad I live here!

The golf course is the best in the world and all of the surrounding homes are georgeous. I feel like I live in Tuscany Italy!
We looked at many high end homes and golf courses and nothing compares to Santaluz. I guess that's why so many high profile people live here in Santaluz.

The club has many great events in which all our friends and us get together and party!
The fresh roast is a great casual eatery on the village green and Tim does a great job running this establishment.

Thank you to all who make santaluz such a wonderful place to live!

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We had breakfast here yesterday and it was just okay. The service was sub-par - certainly not what one would expect from a place like this. We had an opportunity to go back this morning, but nobody had any interest in going back, even though its the only place in walking distance.

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