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I don't play neither golf nor tennis, but I come to Riviera Country Club to eat :P My husband is a member here and the country club will charge you monthly fee whether you use their dining or not.  So why not use it!?

I am happy that their food is pretty amazing compare to most other country clubs.  For dinner, they have three courses menus you can choose and they often change the dishes so I never get bored.  During lunch time, among many different dishes, they even offer Japanese curry and udon.  I think it's because this country club is owned by Japanese people.

All the staff are very attentive and will always accommodate to your need.  For example, I like to have my entree with steamed rice, not with other side dishes such as steamed vegetables or mashed potatoes.  They always make the change without question and without extra charge.  ( Once I was charged $9 for a small bowl of rice at well known hotel restaurant...)

Besides the regular lunch and dinner, they have grand buffet, concert dinner, special event lunch and dinner like for Thanksgiving and Christmas.  

I am happy that this prestige country club with stunning view have wonderful dining because eating is what I can enjoy, not golfing...

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I am not a Riviera member but I was a guest at a Riviera wedding on March 15, which is almost as prestigious I'm sure. It was a Mormon wedding that I expected to be dry. We were all pleasantly surprised by the open bar.

The Riviera is a beautiful club. I'd driven by it countless times on Sunset but this was my first time going inside. (One question, though--why the ugly corporate-looking logo?) The reception was at five, so we had a lovely couple hours of sunlight. The cocktail hour was outdoors, and the day and the views were just gorgeous. The interior was great too. The bulk of the reception took place in a pretty banquet room with full windows. There were about 110-120 guests and the room was spacious enough to feel comfortable.

The bar was outside the dining room, in the lobby-like area. I liked the bartender a lot. She made me a bloody mary and dished out generous pours of cabernet.

The food was great, especially for this kind of country club food. The hors d'oeuvres were fantastic. There were juicy mini lamb chops, fresh caprese toasts, and these delicious bites of lobster and cream sauce on buttery rounds of bread. I had many, many of those. For dinner there was salad followed by predetermined entrees. The steak was okay, but my friend's miso sea bass was quite tasty. The cake was good too, but I'm not sure it was Riviera's.

I doubt I'll be back here anytime soon, but I had a great time at the wedding and would recommend hitting this country club if someone invites you for a fancy party. Membership may be a different story, but there's no denying the Riviera is pretty damn nice.

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Came here to see Northern Trust Open.  It was a nice event.  But because of that event, we couldn't access some of the areas.  Overall, watching the pros play from the hill by the 18th hole was fun :)

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This establishment is the epitome of classy. From the gate to the green, this country club permeates a level of distinguishment and flavor that is an absolute throwback to a bygone era. Everyone from the valet staff to the volunteers (LA OPEN), the respect and attention to detail was incredible.

I spent an entire day walking around this course following the likes of Bubba Watson and others, and had the opportunity to see every perfectly manicured square inch of this course. If I could describe it in two words it would be, "breathtaking" and, well, "breathtaking."

This course / club / and event left me in awe. As a first time attendant at a PGA event I was completely flabbergasted at the organization and overall execution of this event. Flawless work by a club that deserves only the highest of accolades.

Job well done. (Insert polite golf clap).

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Northern Trust Open 2014

Guest of Tiffany and Co.  The VIP lounge in the main Clubhouse provides an escape from the crowds, which have a small percentage getting drunk and unruly.  Tiffany and Co is a major sponsor and is the maker of the Championship trophy.

Brought my golf buddy, Ryan T who loved the open bar and healthy food options.  I think he ate at least 5 of the veggie eggrolls.

Country club staff is 5 STARS!  Valet, security, food service, doormen and even the bathroom attendants are courteous and professional.  Service at this venue never disappoints.

Lots of different sponsors at this event - Mercedes, Mastercard, etc.  Wristbands identify who belongs in the many tents and VIP areas.  Again thanks to Tiffany and Co for providing a great lounge and balcony overlooking the action.

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