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What an absolutely abysmal place. I travel consistently for work, and generally will stay at an SPG property but thought why not stay at the beach while in Florida? The "resort" itself is a quasi run down hotel from the 80's. The rooms looked like something out of the Golden Girls sitcom, with bathrooms that were in desperate need of a renovation (I wore my flip flops while showering). The real treat was our experience at the Sands Point restaurant. We went to have breakfast there the day we checked out. We not informed at any point that you could not use cash/credit cards at the restaurant, only room charges were taken. We were told this by are incredibly rude server who continued to tell me that he could charge it to my room, even though I told him that I had settled my account and checked out. After he stormed off and proceeded to talk about us to the hostess in Spanish (I speak spanish, which he clearly was unaware of) and called us a bevy of choice phrases we got up and left. The cherry on the sundae is I got charged for breakfast anyway!!!  moral of the story is DO NOT stay here if you are at all accustomed to any sort of modern amenities and friendly staffs.

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Beautifully appointed rooms, excellent service from an attentive staff, and beautiful beaches. Could not have enjoyed it more.

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My wife and I spent 6 nights, 7 days at The Resort at Longboat Key. Our stay was almost PERFECT. Upon check-in we were greeted warmly by Dante. He was very helpful in describing the resort and giving us a few hints and suggestions for our stay. When we arrived at our room we found out that there was an error and instead of a king room, we were in a double. A quick call to the front desk and Matthew did some wrangling and we were moved to a beautiful King room with a great view of the beach.

We enjoyed breakfast at the resort each morning and the service was wonderful. Ania, Vanessa and Luis all took great care of us. Most days were spent on the beach, relaxing in a cabana, reading and dozing with trips to the water to cool off. Matt, Chris, Kenny, Erlan and Yony did a wonderful job of making sure we were comfortable and Spencer and John did a great job making sure we had food and drink. We enjoyed dinner at the resort in Sands Pointe twice and both times had incredible meals coupled with wonderful service from the wait staff and Roy the Maitre' D. We ventured to Portofino one night and were treated to another great dinner service from Eric. I call out all these people as they deserve the recognition for our comfortable stay! My compliments to all of the chefs that put together our meals - the food was really delicious and the portions more than adequate.

The beach is beautiful. We were here in the off-season so there were very few guests and we really had stellar service. The guys out there worked hard to make sure we were taken care of. The drinking water situation at the beach is a minor nuisance. There is water available with cups at the beach entrance which is great, but the beach area is huge and this one station just isn't enough. Additionally the cups provided are 6 oz. cups, meaning many trips to the cooler for water. There really should be multiple stations for water and much larger cups should be available. We snagged some 16 oz cups from one of our off-island lunches and kept them with us the rest of the week. In retrospect I wish we had brought some insulated water bottles with us. I would also mention that the beverage/food service was a little slow and spotty throughout the week. I would guess that this was attributed to the off-season and therefore a smaller staff. Our last day on the beach was Labor Day Saturday. The crowd at the beach was 10x, maybe more, of what it had been throughout the week. This didn't help the food service. Our lunch took over an hour and when it arrived it wasn't correct. Not a huge complaint... understanding that this was probably more of an anomaly due to the holiday but a bit of a disappointment none-the-less.

One other small disappointment was that the Hobie sailboat for rent on the beach was damaged and out of service the entire time we were there. I would expect that a resort of this stature would be quicker to correct issues like this.

We enjoyed massages at the spa, which is very nice, but could also use a little brushing up. I thought it was odd that the relaxation room was within earshot of the reception area, so that all phone and check-in conversations could be heard. Not conducive to relaxation. The attendant in the men's room was adequate at best and was probably the least attentive of the staff that we met throughout the stay, on the other hand my wife was extremely happy with her attendants. The massages were wonderful.

The island is located close to St. Armands Circle which has some great dining choices as well as some fun shops to visit if you are looking to get off the island. Also places like Publix and CVS are a 10 minute drive should you need anything.

Overall the resort is in good shape and quite beautiful. The common areas show some wear and tear, simple things that should be addressed, like broken tiles and fading paint. The rooms are very well appointed. Ours had a kitchenette as well as a washer and dryer, as well as two large closets, sofa and a large balcony with a dinette and lounge chair. Housekeeping was excellent and thorough.

We thoroughly enjoyed our stay. It was exactly what we were looking for. A very personable and attentive staff in an extremely relaxing environment. We wouldn't hesitate to go back. Many thanks to the staff for making this a wonderful stay.

PS - Yelp shows this business is permanently closed - this is an error that has been reported to Yelp.

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Would like to review but they can't seem to get my room clean... How long can that take more than the hour I have been waiting???

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A really great hotel with very friendly staff and nice, clean rooms with great views.  Some of the reviews here are so unnecessarily mean.  It's like people don't get their way on some little thing and take it out on the whole place or make sarcastic comments.

Visited recently, and the average age of the clientele in the bar was definitely not 75.  Yes, it is Florida so you will encounter mature people, but not exclusively or even predominately.  Yes, it is a private club that takes credit cards or club cards; not unusual for private clubs.  I had no trouble using my credit card.  

We met nice people at the bar each night and had friendly conversations.  Very varied clientele for the off-season.  The bartenders were friendly and made great drinks, and the food was excellent in the bar.  That mushroom flat bread is nearly addictive it's so good. The beach is very nice.  Pool is small and kid friendly.  The hot tub is hot with strong jets.

Golf course is inviting and well maintained with an excellent range area, and the Head Pro, Terry O'Hara, is an amazing teacher.  The starters and golf staff were just super friendly and helpful.  Everyone was courteous and no problems at all.  The drive from the airport over the bridges is breath-taking.  Lots of very nice shopping in the "circle,"  cute shops and restaurants downtown, and plenty of upscale shopping nearby.  It is Sarasota, after all.  Lots of shopping.  Some touristy and some not.

No, it's not an ultra-modern hotel.  It may be only 4 stars by some hotel scales, but it a great location in a great part of Florida.  As someone said, "What a find!"

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