The Preserve Golf Club

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In a word: Heaven. If you're invited to go, go. If you have the resources to become a member, do it.

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This is, no questions asked, my favorite golf course of all time.  It's not simply for the course, but for the other amenities.  While I'm not a member here, I'm lucky enough to have friends who are.  You must own a home or lot here in order to join the country club, which makes it that much harder to become a member.

From the moment you drive up to the clubhouse, it's like magic.  There are a team of people to take your clubs, take your car and get you anything you want.  Upon arrival, I jokingly responded to the standard "Is there anything I can get you?" with a request for a double mocha and some scones.  Five minutes later while walking up to the driving range, a young man showed up with, you guessed it, a double mocha and two freshly baked scones.  

The course will eat you alive, period.  It's a whopping 143 slope from the back tees.  The course is a little quirky, similar to Tehama, simply because it was cut into the hills of a rancho.  However, it is much more straightforward than Tehama and despite the difficulty, a much more enjoyable trek.  The 18th hole has one of the most IN-SANE forced carries I've ever seen in my life.  While we were playing the Gold tees, you need to at least walk up to the Black tees to see the almost incomprehensible drive needed to make the fairway.  Needless to say, I ended up taking a drop as my drive failed to clear the huge canyon.

Beg, borrow or steal to play this course at least once in your life.  I can't begin to say how fortunate I feel to have played here, and I'm looking forward to coming back.  During an entire 18-hole round, we saw one other golfer.  Not another foursome, just one lone golfer.  We stopped for lunch at the 12th hole for 30 minutes, and no one came up behind us.  Have drinks on the patio after your round and enjoy the beautiful surroundings to cap off an incredible experience before driving  back home to reality.

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