The Plantation Course

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We played 9 holes twice while staying at Wyndham. They offer a discounted rate after 5pm. The course is extremely well kept and we had a ton of fun playing. Lots of water and hole number 6 is epic.

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Bring your A-game...and a bag full of balls.  The Plantation Course is a course built for precision shooters and golfers with forgiving irons.

The course itself is beautifully kept and tended to.  The staff is on top of their game and help you out with any questions you may have about the course...or the island itself.

If you're a "wrap one around a tree" type golfer...this course is not for you.  Those expensive balls you have in your bag...won't likely be there very long.

This course has a nice feel and an intuitive flow.  You'll have a ton of birdie attempts if you can hit a ball straight.

Try:  Channeling you inner Ty Webb

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Played nine holes on this course with the Hoff during our recent trip to  EI.  

The good:  beautifully landscaped and maintained golf course (even this late in the season with the intense heat and humidity); super-friendly staff; juiced golf-carts that are more comfortable than my car.

The bad:  narrow course + many water hazards + bad golfers = lost balls

The ugly:  last two holes were played with the sprinklers on... normally, I'd welcome some relief from the heat, but the water smelled like swamp-sweat!!!

I'm not a good golfer.  I'm not even bad enough to be a bad golfer.  But I've played enough courses to know this is an enjoyable course that rewards a skilled golfer.  And did I mention that your cart comes with a cooler filled with ice?  Yepee!

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