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It is absolutely gorgeous here. Great views overlooking some of Oregon's majestic hills and mountains from afar, as well as most importantly- our lovely city!  It makes me realize how much I truly miss the pacific northwest region of the united states. (also when we're overlooking a good chunk of Portland while arriving and departing on an airplane at PDX, I like that part too.) When you live in the barren midwest, you really miss and appreciate views like this. I'll have to upload a picture of the backdrop where we were at.

My brother's wedding took place here with the ceremony and reception. I was here for the rehearsal and Good God my allergies were on full force here because of all the greenery. So bring on the allergy medication if you're here and have seasonal allergies like I do. With medication I survived my day and night here without having to sneeze and blow my nose constantly. The employees here are awesome and extremely attentive, keeping me hydrated with lemonade and water while we set up for the wedding along side them. The bartenders mixed up my brother's signature drink perfectly as I've had this drink before in the pearl district numerous times. The food they served was decent, the highlight for me was that their beef shortribs were perfectly seasoned and fall off the bone tender atop a potato purée. AKA pretty much mashed potatoes.  

As with most golf clubs, there is a dress code people! No jeans and other casual sloppy wear. And tuck in that shirt! Didn't your mother teach you anything?? No really better tuck in that shirt here. I wore dresses everytime I was there so I did just fine. The facilities itself were very nice and classic, as I hung out with my brother and his groomsmen in their suite after the reception was over with.

The golf course itself is extensive and completely beautiful with views overlooking hills one of our mountains and the city itself. And if anyone from the Midwest is reading this- when I refer to our hills, they're not dinky little speed bump height but major as in if someone pushed you down one it can do some serious damage. Anyways it's beautiful here and great for a wedding venue, especially a hot summer one.

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Course is under construction on two holes.  Marshall actually asked our men to "tuck in" their shirts because a "member" complained.  Get over yourselves... There were men all over in the mens group with untucked shirts.  Too stuffy for me.

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There's a pretty snazzy restaurant here, and I was led to believe that on Thursday nights, there is all-you-can-eat pasta!  Of course, I was there during the pasta craze.  Two chefs whip up the ingredients you choose and place in your bowl (think: Mongolian BBQ) and voila! you're own unique dish.  They've got decent service too since it's pretty posh.  And yes, there is an amazing view!  Green lush golf course...on top of a hill overlooking Portland.

Now, in order for me to go back, the following need to happen:
- guy takes me out on a date here (highly recommended) - or -
- I play golf
- I live in Portland

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Not your grandpa's country club - which is both good and bad.

Incredible locker room, really.  it includes a high vaulted wood ceiling, stone fireplace and its own bar/grill.  the grounds are lovely, although, someone really should invest in burial of the high capacity power lines that go right through the view.

too many kids/people in the swimming pool, although it is clean and bright.  

food service is on the very casual side of private clubs, but that works for this location

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I worked here right after high school as a dishwasher. It gets five stars for the memories plus it's on beautiful property with panoramic views of the area. If you don't know someone who's a member here...forget it. VERY exclusive. Although they used to hold the Fred Meyer Challenge here every year which was open to the public and attended by various old school celebrities(Clint Eastwood, Stephen Stills among others) The facilities/amenities here are amazing. to this day it's the only place Ive ever seen a garbage can doucher.

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