The Naples Beach Hotel & Golf Club

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Very customer service oriented. It's a little dated, but when you're with friends, it's all good. The food was good and the atmosphere was comfortable! I could have used a softer pillow!

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I frequent this place quite often and I must say its a very beautiful place.... Great pools, tiki bar, food, entertainment, beach view.... You name it and this place has it.... I highly recommend you checking it out if you haven't already!!!

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Disclaimer; the service I received was professional and friendly, and compared to other local prices for their services, this one seemed like a great option...

However, because our forefathers allowed for my freedom of YELP...and like I said in my bio back in '08, I'm gonna keep it real.

My 80 minute facial wasn't worth the price tag. I felt myself feeling antsy and bored. Frankly, having trouble breathing past all the aromatherapy and not freaking out in my cocoon-like body wrap in the sheets I was prisoned in, atop the firery mattress that was set to full heat.

I totally own it that this is not a reflection on my therapist, but most likely my ADD ass kickin in. Speaking of my facialist, she was so sweet, but a bit chatty for my $170 price tag when I was eager to simply RELAX. If I was at a coffee shop or a backyard BBQ she would be my favorite convo! She had a heart of joy but might've caught me on a grumpy day where I didn't feel like engaging.

The facilities are ranked a 6 out of 10 in my book. Most mid ranked gyms have similar locker rooms, sauna's and steam rooms. Nothing out of this world especially for an expected South Naples aesthetic.

I would love to be hired to revamp this spa! I'd really amp up the ambiance and service to match it's potential.

Overall a good two stars and a "ehhh"

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Ducked in to meet Fast Edward and enjoy a cold pop before going in search of ladies and laughs.

I didn't eat nor stay as a guest, simply had a cold pop at the beach bar and that was way cool, especially because Fast Eddie bought.

That's it.

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Had dinner tonight, fun atmosphere, beautiful beach setting. The food was so over priced for what it was. Pork chops that were half an inch thick, and dry, for $36 . Crab cakes deep fried. Snapper that was fishy, $38. If you want a view great. Don't go for the food , period.

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