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If I could break it down I'd give this place a 4 1/2 stars.  It's pretty awesome, but there are a few minor flaws.  For the price the golf course is in great condition.  The sand traps are the only really crappy thing.  Most of them have really hard or muddy sand.  But for a $12 course  I think most people will be impressed with the quality.  You can play the whole thing in about 60-90 minutes depending on how many other people are out there.  No tee times are really needed except maybe in the weekends.  The customer service is definitely a 5 stars.  Really nice staff.  The food is ok.  Very limited simple menu.  Nothing that's all that great, but still it's pretty good.  I eat there often.  I can always count on lunch being served quickly which is important to me.  There's a lot of good people that hang here regularly.  Very welcoming crowd.  The view of downtown from hole 6 is one of the nicest in San Diego.  It's worth your $12 to just stand there and take it in fir a few minutes. They just built a new patio that is shaping up nicely.  From what I understand, other improvements are coming soon to the restaurant and bar area.

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Farewell to the Sail Ho Golf Course and hello to the new (and rebranded) Loma Club.

The Sail Ho has sailed off but not without fond memories and a whole lot of history behind it. According to the Loma Club website: "Located in the Naval Training Center (now Liberty Station), the course was utilized by the Navy during the 1920s for physical fitness and recruit training."

But now Sail Ho has morphed into the Loma Club but the golf course remains the same. There is also a remodeling about to begin that will build a new deck onto the existing restaurant. This deck will house an outdoor kitchen and bar and should be finished by October 2014. The whole idea behind this is to give the former Sail Ho a more modernized and inviting look.

I give the Loma Club 4 Stars because it is a nice,  mostly affordable and conveniently-located course. The Loma Club 2014 Membership fee is $59.00.  Weekday Green Fees are  $9.00 and the  Weekend Green Fee is $12.00.  Discounts to play are available on Mondays & Tuesdays which are $6.00 before 10AM and there is 10% off food at The Loma Club Bar & Grill and Happy Hour all the time!

My daughter has played golf there and I have enjoyed hanging out with her while she whacks balls around.  Had to deduct 1 Yelp Star for a feeling I get there of confinement, which probably comes from the course's smaller size. However, the state of the art fairways, greens and practice facilities are a great public resource for golf-lovers to utilize in the peninsula area. This new facelift is expected to help create a golf course with a "social vibe" said the Loma Club website. Also on the menu: restoring the former Sail Ho to a local prominence.

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I like this place a lot. I use to come here for HH, because they have really good HH deals on food and drinks. Then I realized it's a golf course and tried it out one day, and have kept coming back every once in a while. The course has been improving over the years little by little. The tee boxes keep changing locations for aeration and the fairways have been greener and greener.

I'm not a good golfer and typically shoot in the 90s on a normal par 72 course. At this 9 hole par 27 course with greens typically under 100 yds, and 2-3 holes about 150-175 yds. With that said, I can shoot a +5 on this course because I can't putt for the life of me. :)

Great course to get your irons on. Oh and it's a walking course since it a short course. It's challenging enough to get your strategy going, and yet it's easy enough for beginners. I come here to get my short game back. I typically carry 3 clubs, SW, 7-iron, and a putter. So if you have a friend that wants to play and you only have 1 set of clubs, they can borrow your other clubs. Get a beer or two from the club house and make it an interesting day. ;)

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Would be 4-5 stars but price is terrible for the size of the course.  Upkeep on the course is good.  It's a short par 3 course with the longest hole at about 180 yds downhill.  Mostly use wedges on this course.  Used to come here once, twice a week with a buddy when they had an ongoing coupon for buy one get one free which meant we were paying about $7 each depending on the day.  They just discontinued the coupon so it's now $13-15 a player.  Seems cheap still but I could pay $10 more and go play a full par 72 with a cart.  Used to be fun when I could show up pay $7 and get some good practice on my wedges but now I'd rather just go to the driving range or find a better deal on a full 18.  Food could be cheaper too was like $14 for a Shocktop and a hotdog.  Would probably give this place 4 stars at the $7 rate.  Know they have a $10 a round deal if you pay for 10 rounds up front but I don't want to pay for 10 rounds at once.  In the end I recommend going at least once make your own opinions on the place.  I just know I won't be back unless I book the hot deal off of golfnow.

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Drove down from Irvine to play this small course as it was the right price for us.  We met up with two beginners and played a foursome.  Had a blast.  Everyone was friendly, the course was in great shape from tee boxes to fairways to greens.  We played the whole course in 1.25 hours   had lunch and played a second round for 5 bucks each!!!!!!!!
Can't beat it  if you want to work on your short game.    Had a blast
Thank You SAIL HO!!!!!!!!!!!!

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