The Homestead At Fox Hollow Golf Course

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This is a really fun course.  It's underpriced, rarely full and has several interesting holes.  Lots of elevation changes and a mildly links based layout make this "shorter" course a lot of fun.

When you add in nice views of downtown & Red Rocks it's just icing on the cake for under $40!  All in all it's a great, cheap alternative to some of the more expensive courses in the area!

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Hey - who knew?  Well more will I am sure.  This is a great course - feels like a mountain course without the whole mountain,  but nearly half of it.  Ya really need to be more accurate than long - so that fits me better, now I just need to work on that accuracy.

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I hate to do it.  It's almost a sin.  To be honest, I am reluctant to give praise to this gem of a course, the reason being that I hate crowded courses, and I fear my praise might increase the volume here.

It's a shorter course, set into the rolling hills that abut the front range.  Well maintained with thick hazards, it is a course that demands accuracy more than a big drive (which is too bad, because I have neither).  

The staff is top rate, and the rates are top notch.  Dollar for dollar, one of the best values going.

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I'd really love to write a glowing review of The Homestead at Fox Hollow, but I can't.  The course is entertaining enough, and it's fun to play a links-style course like this, with few trees, and interesting shots to play.

I played there today with a friend, and our two children, who are old enough to qualify for Juniors rates and to be out on the golf course.  The marshals were highly unfriendly about the fact that we had kids with us, and the course policy of "No kids out of carts" was very poorly explained.  Seems to me that a kid who qualifies to play as a Junior should at least be allowed to watch dad putt if she's not playing.  Apparently not.

I understand -- Apparently the City of Lakewood thinks that a golf course is a dangerous place to take a kid.  I submit that it's vastly more dangerous to take my kid on the City of Lakewood's streets than it is to take well-behaved, attentive kids out on the course.  So much for family-friendly.

For the money, time, and hassle, I'll be taking my daughter to Foothills Golf Course from now on.  They LOVE kids there, and have no problems with her playing with me, so long as we keep pace up.  Thanks for nothing, Homestead Staffers.  Way to encourage youngsters in the game.

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