The Heritage Golf Course At Westmoor

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One if the best golf deals in the city. It's a real quality course for a very affordable price. The whole course is kept in great condition, the greens roll true, and the course is challenging. Only down side is there are a lot of flights in and out which can be distracting.

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I have a membership for here and Legacy Ridge, its sister course.  

The course is always well maintained and the staff is fantastic.  Greens are usually fairly fast.

Love it.

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Pretty sweet views of the Flatirons -- fun course that is very chill and casual, but feels somewhat upscale without the upscale price... will definitely be playing here again...

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This review is for their restaurant only. I have not golfed there, but I have eaten lunch there several times. I would give it zero stars if I could, except that it has not actually made me ill. I have yet to eat more than a few bites of any item I have ordered. For example: the fish and chips for nine dollars for literally several edible chips, with two pieces of fish on top of that looked appetizing but were in reality inedible.  A pretty golden layer hid the disgusting gummy batter and fish underneath. Their tomato soup was cold, tasted like it had been poured out of a can of V8, and had a few strings of bagged cheese floating on top. This is the type of restaurant that makes you long for a vending machine sandwich. If you must eat here, try one of the salads for eight or nine dollars. It is plain iceberg lettuce with a few things thrown on top, but  you will be able to choke it down. Or get a side of coleslaw, that was okay.  They also make an edible quesadilla.

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I am not a golfer, I am a boxer.  

However, I live in San Francisco.  In the bay area, when I think of a golf course I think of the Olympic Club by the Skyline Hwy, Half Moon Bay courses, Monterey, and the scenic course near Sea Cliff juxtaposed the Inner Richmond.

The Heritage Golf Course from my perspective, is an interestingly small little landscaped area where people can indeed play golf.

I've been in the restaurant a couple of times.  It is a nice relaxing place for lunch where they serve standard lunch items.  In both occasions I have indulged in their fish and chips dish where the fish is fresh and quite tasty.  At another occasion, I also had a happy hour drink with a coworker.  The bar is standard, while the service has consistently been great.

It is a nice golf course and restaurant that provides diversion for the nearby Westminster, Louisville and other Colorado business towns or cities.

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