The Governors Club

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Great golf courses,  great pool. Great alternative to more crowded places on weekends and busy holidays

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At the end of our second full 10 hour day of work meetings, the powers that be took us out to eat at the Governors Club.  So despite the long drive down Concord road to places I never visit, I pulled into the guard gate, told them my name and party, and was allowed to enter.

SWAAAAAAAAANNNNNNNKKKKKKKYYYYYY neighborhood y'all.  Like really SWANK.  Like country stars and billionaires swanky.  Need to learn to play golf on that golf course so I can catch me a sugar daddy, no?

Anyway, the mansion was Pleasant Hill, an old house built in 1854 by Colonel Winstead.  It has been restored with period decor and is quite interesting to check out.  They have room to set up tables for groups of diners and apparently even have weddings/receptions here.  There's a large outdoor patio area for the same type thing.  There's even a separate bar area so that people arriving can gather in there to get drinks and not block up the space between the tables since it is a little crammed in there when fully set up.  

The staff is welcoming and seem to really love being there which adds a nice Southern charm to the whole thing.  Food was your standard group dinner stuff - salad with some really good thick balsalmic vinaigrette, entree was steak on one side, chicken on the other, and roasted vegetables and potatoes in the middle.  Steak was medium well and a little on the bland side, chicken was standard.  Overall just really average but when cooking for a large group it wasn't bad.  The dessert was a decadent chocolate cake with white icing but the chocolate syrup covering it was definitely Hershey's syrup.  Not like that's a bad thing!

Overall seems like a really nice place to have a unique group dinner, rehearsal dinner, etc.  And apparently if you live over there and are a member (of what? not sure) you get a deal on this.  So move over to the neighborhood and then invite me over to your swanky place!

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Went to a friend's wedding here last weekend and it is a stunning venue. It's comfortable and has a great dance floor. Just gorgeous!

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