The Golf Club At Moffett Field

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If you have never been here, it is one of the best kept secrets in the bay! You get a stunning view of the water, to the Moffett Field Hangers, and even the hills in Fremont! Great quality, challenging holes, and always something different at each hole.

This is the best you can get- especially if you grab the twilight price- which is an 18 hole for the price of a 9 hole. Never been? Find a friend that works at NASA or can get you on there! You will have a great time!

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Moffet Field Golf Course is now open to the public. It used to be reserved for the military and to contractors who worked with the base. Now it is open to all, however, you have to check into the front gate of the compound and provide your ID to security. It's kind of a hassle to tell you the truth.

The course itself has potential, but it could use better maintenance of fairways and greens. Perhaps being close to the Bay is the reason, but some fairways are bare and the greens are pretty slow. Overall the layout is ok, a variety of dog legs and straight holes mixed in among the trees.

They do have a large practice putting green and a short game area to hit your chips. The clubhouse staff is friendly and accommodating.

You may want to give it a try if you need to play a military course, but don't expect pristine conditions, it's definitely for the muni golfer.

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Played here yesterday after work. It's been 3 years since I've been here.

The one thing that's great about this course is that it is cheap for contractors. Twilight rates after 3pm are only 15 bucks, super twilight rates after 1.5 hours before sunset is only 10 bucks. It's nice to play here in June since you have the most sunlight. You'll need to be an approved contractor to be allowed into Moffett Field as there are two guards who will check your ID. (Not sure which companies are included in the list)

Seems like the fairways are not well kept. There are patches of dirt here and there. What is the most nasty thing is, on the 13 hole, there is just blue gunk all over the first half of the fairway. Not sure what it is.

The place doesn't seem too busy during the weekday. When I started late afternoon, I was the 2nd to last person to tee off. And it was a comfortable game pace from there.

This golf course has a pitching green, nice putting green, and a terrible range that is all dirt and golf balls that have been used for numerous years.

Bottom Line: Cheap golf prices for a decent 18 hole course. Enough to get your golf fix.

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For the price of $15 twilight, this is a good golf value.  During summer season course is well maintained.  During winter-spring it's pretty ragged but hey they don't have a country club budget.  Short game practice area is great, compared to munis in south bay.  1st tee shot is a challenge to get drive past the bend, and also being right on the bay, this course can be windy I mean continuous steady pin-bending wind of 15+ mph but I really learned how to play in the wind and not let it ruin my game here, then when I play elsewhere in no wind, game is improved!
Easy walker's course, which I like...

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Moffett golf is is good place to play golf for the money.   The pro shop employees are not very friendly and border on grumpy.  The food used to be very good but new people came in and fancied up the place and the food quality went down.  Overall the golf course is getting better but the other services need to be revamped.

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