The Georgian Manor Resort and Country Club

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The place is really nice.  The grounds are well kept.  It is an older property so do not expect state of the art stuff.  Speaking of state of the art, they really need to update their wifi.  I kept on getting disconnected and it was so slow.  It was very frustrating.  It was as if you are in a third world country.  The staff was great and very friendly.

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As I walked into the lobby, I couldn't help but think I just went on a trip in the Hot Tub Time Machine back to the 1980's.   Everything from the decor, furniture, drapes, bland colour scheme and even the old handheld calculator I saw behind the front desk indicated that nothing has changed here in decades.   No doubt, the place needs some major updating, but surprisingly everything was also super clean and well maintained, so their unintentional retro museum is preserved perfectly.  

The rooms have decent amount of space and there's free parking for guests.  The free wifi is a bit slow, but it's still free in room wifi.  There's also a pool and an actual hot tub on the main floor.  The view of the resort from the main road makes the place seem huge and gets your excited until you get closer and see how outdated things are.  Overall, still a decent stay at one of the few 3 star places in the Collingwood area.

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We found this place through Expedia and I'm so glad we did! I really did enjoy my stay here

The lady at the front desk was very nice and even upgraded us to a suite with a Jacuzzi tub with no additional costs. How nice is that? When we arrived at the room, we were quite shocked to see the size of the suite. It was HUGE!! It had a full blown kitchen that was stocked with everything I would ever need- I'm talking baking pans! The living room was a good size but my favorite thing about the room? That king size bed and Jacuzzi tub! The suite even came with a fireplace, that was a nice touch for a romantic night with a significant others.

As for their breakfast in the morning, not the best. However, their potatoes were amazing! I came back for seconds on those. But, everything else was mediocre at best. Not to mention, the dinner menu didn't seem enticing either.

I will definitely be back to stay with this resort and hopefully longer in the future!

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First, the name is deceiving. This is a time share so some of the reviews based on a resort hotel which it is, but as a time share with different options, I enjoyed it with a friend who owns a timeshare and the accommodations were wonderful. We basically stayed in a large duplex with ample parking, 3 bedrooms spacious full dining/living room and kitchen. The master bedroom had a jacuzzi, television, and fireplace. The 2nd bedroom had a full bath as well with queen bed and the third room had 2 twin beds with a full bath downstairs. We grilled and cooked our own delicious meals 3 of the 6 nights and really enjoyed the accommodations. The clubhouse is great for kids. Indoor and outdoor pools although the exercise room was very small. We rented bikes for the day and enjoyed the excursion into town.

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This place is gross.

They charge you for everything! Nothing is complimentary, which is probably how they pay their bills every month, because I can't imagine people who would want to come back.

I stayed in a one bedroom, it was below average. The decent part about the place is that the kitchen has everything you need from cups, plates, pots, exc.

The downside is everything else. The bathroom was filthy, literally the tub has not been washed forever. It bathtub was black on the bottom, as if the guests before us took showers in their shoes, and it also had red, disgusting soap scum everywhere. The shower head had no pressure and it was super difficult do the most simple thing, like washing your face... because you had to play Marco Polo with the water, and figure out where the water decided to drip from. You also have to hold the toilet handle down for ever to flush, and the sink water was clogged and wouldn't go down. I seriously felt like I was in a horror movie.

We asked if we could get cleaning supplies to clean it ourselves, they said they didn't have any (which explains why it's so damn dirty). Instead they said they would send someone, a someone who didn't come until we asked again the next day. Two ladies came, sprayed some crap, and wiped it for 2 seconds... not cleaned, wiped. A child has better knowledge of how to clean a bathtub...  

The linens and towels were not fresh, and actually seemed dirty, thank God I brought my own. The ONE window in the room didn't open, and they didn't have a screen door, so the room was always either stale smelling, or had bugs fly in. Also the lighting was terrible I felt like I was living in a perpetually dark cave.

Also, we stayed for a week and ran out of toilet paper at one point. To my surprise they didn't have an extra roll in the cabinet. So my mom went down to ask if someone could bring some more (by the way you always have to go down, because calling the front desk is useless, they never pick up). The lady at the desk informed us that they give everyone a "starter kit" and after that you are on your own. WOOOOOOWWWWWW

NEVER IN MY LIFE have I heard that from any "resort" I have stayed in. So basically they advertise a room that will fit four people, get give you half a roll of toilet paper, one shampoo, one lotion, and two soaps to last you a week. FAIL.

Also they charge you $50 to get your room cleaned...

So if you think about coming to this place make sure you bring linens, towels, toilet paper, cleaning supplies, and toiletries with you... or better yet, don't waste your time coming at all.

The pools are tiny and if the bleach in the Jacuzzi doesn't kill you, the over heating or uneven soaked floors definitely will.

This place is boring, it smells, it's dirty, they offer absolutely nothing to make your stay pleasant, and it's too far of a drive from anything worth seeing.

They rate this shitter a 5 star... really? More like motel quality 1 star

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